Friday, August 24, 2007

Final Pictures of our Recent Shopping (Junkin') Trips

Brace yourselves...I've got about 5 or 6 posts in a row coming with pictures of our shopping trips to Weatherford, Decatur and Granbury. It's quite a few pictures to look at. Hope you get through them without your eyes going all crossed! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge.) These next 5 pictures were all taken in Weatherford.I forget what this thing was called, but I thought it was pretty. I knew I should have written down what it said on the tag. I can't remember anything these days...
This picture was taken at the rear entrance to Main Street Mercantile. They have a bunch of stuff just sitting around out there (wagon wheels, old metal lawn furniture, etc.). That's Randey and his mom, Donna, digging through it all.
These next 3 pictures were of furniture that was in the "attic" of a store. Can't remember the name of the store (what a shock, huh?). You know, maybe I should just start taking a picture of every door before I go into a store...maybe then I could tell you the names of these places. Anyway, I thought this chair was a little unusual and kind of cool.
This stuff looked awesome in person. A little beat up, but awesome.
I wanted these. I mean I really, really wanted these. But A) we didn't have the truck with us and B) I honestly couldn't turn loose of almost $400 for furniture I'd never sit on because it'd be outside in the hot baking Texas sun, which is a place I have no desire to be. Although, come to think of it...I could see me lounging outside in one of these come February, when the air outside is a tad more tolerable! Hmmmm. Something to think about....

Weatherford, Texas

The first and second pictures were taken outside of Main Street Mercantile. (I only know that because it says so on the window. lol) It's a fairly large store with a bunch of "booths" inside. I loved going through this place.

I think this picture was also in Main Street Mercantile. That's Randey with his mom in the background. I'm thinkin' Randey may have a thing for Indians - first he wears the headdress and now he's posing next to his new buddy. Hmmmm.
I snapped this picture before Randey caught up with me. I know. I should have waited. Heaven knows he would have wanted to pose with this Indian, too.

Decatur, Texas

This "glam" bedroom was in a display window there in Decatur. It's quite eye-catching, isn't it? Poor Randey. All he saw was PINK and since I was working on getting things together for my girly room, he thought we'd hit the jackpot. He just doesn't understand the difference between "glam" and "shabby chic". Although...I must say, those chandeliers would work well for me in any kind of room!
I loved this guy. But he wasn't for sale. "For Display Only". What the heck? I wanted to take him home!
Yeah, here's an outfit I could see me sportin' around in come Saturday night...NOT!
A sweet little bistro set.
Loved this wreath. Don't know what's up with the camera angle. Guess I can't walk, talk and snap a picture all at the same time, huh?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Light Fixtures for Sale in Granbury

These are two light fixtures for sale in Granbury. The top one was so cool - it's made of twigs or willow branches or something. Awesome. The second one...not really my style. Moose antlers. Come on. Moose is what I call my granddaughter. I can't have a light fixture made out of those! It'd just be wrong!

Granbury, Texas

Okay, this is the last of the shopping pictures. (I'm pretty sure, anyway. lol) The first 4 were taken at Witherspoon's and the last one was taken on the square. I'm sure I won't be inundating you with pictures again for awhile. (Unless I come across a really cool place to shop and then I won't be able to stop myself!)

The Girly Room, Part Deux

This top picture is one I posted a couple of weeks ago showing the beginning of my "girly room".
Since then, I've added two lamps - one I already owned and one I bought in Granbury, another pillow, a vase with some fluffy flowers and a sweet little pink and white bear to sit on the bed. I've also hung an old shelf that used to hang in my grandparents bathroom. (The shelf is there on the right, above the lamp.) That shelf has great sentimental value to me. Back in the day, it was painted green. (I think my grandpa's mother must have gotten one heck of a sale on green paint because just about everything in that house was painted green at one time or another.) Anyway, I got the shelf years ago and painted it with a crackle finish. It went great in my house in Florida, but I never found the perfect spot here in this house. Until now. I think it looks perfect in my girly room. I have another shelf that's built similarly to that one. I was going to put it in a yard sale that I've been planning to have, but now I think I'll shabby it up a bit and hang it on the other side of the bed. Just as soon as I dig it out of the garage. I stuck it, along with those flowery plates I talked about before, in a giant box out there for the yard sale. Wish I hadn't done that. I keep thinking I'll start digging through that box and get attacked by a ginormous man eating spider. Would it be wrong if I sent one of my boys out there instead? Yeah. Probably. (Heavy sigh). Guess I'll have to get Randey to do it. lol

I Saw a Sign....

Ahhhhh. Words to live by, eh?

Christmas Movie Poll!

Vote for your favorite! You can vote for more than one. I think. (I'm still not what you might call "well versed" in the poll posting thing....)

Yes, I'm aware it's only August. And yes, I'm aware we haven't even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet. And yes! I know I'm bordering on an alarming obsession with Christmas! SO. WHAT?? I must have cold - whether real or imagined - or I'm afraid I will spontaneously combust into a menopausal conflagration. So stop muttering curses and VOTE already. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Answer: A Crazy Chicken Dancing on a Hot Plate While Trapped in a Sauna

Question: A woman experiencing menopause in August resembles what particular animal engaged in what particular activity in what particular location?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I get all crazy when I see the Christmas stuff in stores! Although, to be honest, I think these Christmas decorations may actually stay up year 'round, I'm not sure. But aren't the pictures great to see anyway? The first 2 were taken in Weatherford at one of their cute little stores and the bottom 3 were taken in Granbury. The pink, green and blue trees remind me of the Grinch movie. Loved to look at them, but pretty sure I won't be doing trees like that in my own home. lol Check out the pillows in the bottom picture! I love them! I'm going to have to buy a couple of them soon before the store owner decides to charge me for fondling them anyway! I saw these back in July, too. What am I waiting for? The store to sell them all so I can kick my own tail-end for not getting them when I could?

Shopping Pictures from Granbury

More pictures of Granbury shops! These top two were taken from upstairs (duh), looking down into the main part of the store. I really like this particular store - I buy something everytime we go there. I'm really going to have to get a little bit better with remembering the names of these places, though....

How do you like the monkey queen here? Okay, somebody help me this a character from Alice in Wonderland or something? It's seems like I should know who or what this is, but I don't. All I do know is, she was shiny and I'm like a freakin' seagull or something - I just seem to dive all over anything shiny that I see. Yeah, it's embarrassing. So?

Glorious Granbury

Ahhhh, the shopping. Here's a few more pictures of some of the stores in Granbury. The top three pictures were taken in one store (can't remember the name of it, sorry!). They had tons of stuff to look at. I saw so much that reminded me of my Grandma. Things she actually used and things like what she used to wear. What a cool store. The bottom picture was taken in a "kitchen supply" type of store. I know. I really had no business being in that store. I saw things that I simply cannot imagine the use for. Nor do I care to. I did, however, discover a neat little do-dad to make my own seltzer water with. I already have a thing to make whipped cream like they have at Starbucks (you know what I'm talking about? Those stainless steel containers that you put C02 chargers in to "puff" up the heavy whipping cream...?) I love making whipped cream for lattes with that thing. And when you use the white chocolate syrup instead of the vanilla syrup, it ends up tasting like chocolate chip cookie dough. That is the best stuff. Hmmmm, hmmmmm. Oh wow - I've gotten off the subject quite a bit here. Let's go back...oh yeah, I found a thingy to make my own seltzer water and they sell the chargers there, too. I'm thinking these need to be on my Christmas list.... Other than the seltzer makers, I didn't recognize much else there in the kitchen store. At least, nothing that I felt an overwhelming need to add to my own personal kitchen. I enjoyed going through it, though. I pretended like I knew what everything was for, but I'm sure I didn't fool anyone. I'm almost positive I had a totally bewildered expression on my face when I looked at most things. What can I say? The kitchen is Not.My.Friend. I wouldn't even count it as an acquaintance if it didn't contain the fridge!

Best Finds of the Day: An Angel, A Bag and Three Absolutely FanTABulous Smelling Christmas Candles!

Here's a picture of a few of the things I bought while in Granbury. The little wooden angel was only $5. She's for my girly room, of course. The handbag...well, the handbag. If any of you read my blog back in July, you know that I bought a giant hot pink and blue bag like this back when we went to Granbury for the 4th of July. I love that bag. I love it a lot. I love it so much that I just had to have another one. So I found this beauty! Randey says that at least he can always find me in a crowd while I'm carrying one of these things! lol Now to the candles. Have any of you ever heard of Morenci Candles? I hadn't until earlier this year. My neighbor's daughter was selling some for her cheerleading camp. I ordered three - mainly just to be neighborly. When they came in, I lit one and put it in the kitchen. Before too long, you could smell that candle all over the house. It was unbelievable. I've never had a candle smell that good, over that distance, for that length of time. I own quite a few of these candles now. All you have to do is light them, let them burn for maybe an hour and your house will smell fabulous all day long! It's amazing. I've tried Creme Brulee (devine), Ambrosia, Flowering Dogwood, Petals and Pearls, Southern Pecan Pie, Leather (for the in-laws) and Bundt Cake. These three pictured here are some Christmas candles. They're called Cinna Claus, Santas Fireflies and Old Saint Nick. (Yeah, I'm burning 'em already and I'm telling you, I can hear the bells a jinglin'. lol ) I don't think I could ever buy another brand of candle again. This company has specials every month where they feature about 6 different scents that they'll ship with no shipping charge. I've ordered from them online once and the package arrived within three days. I don't know if that's normal or if I just got lucky, though. Anyway, I'm obviously a huge believer in these candles and, if any of you out there are looking for some that will scent your home, I recommend these. As for me, I'll be looking out for more of their Christmas scents...they have lots of them listed and if I don't find anymore while I'm out shopping, I'll be ordering them online sometime in the near future. Hmmmm, hmmmmmm, good!

Oh my gosh! After re-reading this, I realized that I'm starting to sound like a commercial just about everytime I post! First Brighton and now Morenci. I swear, I have no affiliation with these companies and am only blogging about products that I have a special liking for. I'm thrilled with my new perfume and I'm thrilled with these candles. Just wanted to share with you guys some things that I've found that seem to work for me. Don't mean to bore you with shopping advice! lol

Texas Shopping Around the Square

I don't know if this is true of every small town in Texas, but it is of Decatur, Weatherford and Granbury; they have very ornate courthouses smack dab in the middle of their "downtown" area and the streets surrounding these courthouses are rife with shops. Antique shops, junk shops, funky shops, shops selling everything from quilting supplies and quilts to books to candles to clothes to furniture to coffee. And just about everything in between. This first picture is of the courthouse in Decatur. It's by far the prettiest one, in my opinion. They don't have quite as many stores as Weatherford or Granbury - that's just by my casual observation, not an actual count. Still, it's a charming little square to walk around and the people are very friendly.
This second picture is of the courthouse in Weatherford. The shops there are a little different than Decatur and Granbury in that they aren't exactly located on "the square" around the courthouse. There are some stores, but it's a little challenging to walk around this courthouse because it happens to be in the middle of a round-about. For those of you who don't know what a round-about is, let me enlighten you. It's a driving nightmare. Especially if you don't know the rules. Which I don't think I do. I'm glad Randey was driving and let's just leave it at that. So while the actual courthouse is surrounded by traffic going around in circles, there are some "side" streets that are loaded with good places to shop. The people there are also extremely friendly and outgoing - I had a blast going from place to place. They also have a little ice cream/sandwich shop that makes their own bread every single day. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the place. It's perfectly charming. And the bread...ooh, la, la! I'm sure I'll be darkening their doorstop again one day soon. Maybe I'll quit stuffing my face long enough to take a picture next time.
This last picture is of the courthouse in Granbury. Looks like a haunted house, to me. lol Of all three of these towns, Granbury is my absolute favorite. They have shopping all the way around their square. We spent 7 hours there the other day. Seven hours! It went by so fast! I know I'll be going back at least 2 or 3 times before Christmas. If only I could manage to shop for Christmas presents instead of for myself...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Perfect Scent

If any of you read Annie's blog, you'll know that earlier this month she received her "favorite" perfume for her birthday. It was called "Laugh" and it was by Brighton, neither of which I had ever heard of. Out of curiosity, I started doing a little research on this perfume. Why? Because I'm crazy and have convinced myself that my computer is actually a "Smell-o-Vision" and I immediately fell in love with the scent. Noooooooo, that's not true. I decided to look it up because I have the hardest time finding a perfume that suits me. It's been years since I've had a favorite. It all seems to smell like rubbing alcohol as soon as it hits my skin. That's what I always think anyway. I was on the verge of accepting can only sniff so many bottles of perfume before you decide that maybe your body chemistry has changed so radically that you just can't wear perfume anymore. Anyway, back to the Brighton scents. I found them online - they sounded quite lovely, but of course, you can't judge a perfume by its description alone. So everywhere I've been lately, I've been looking for them. There's actually 4 different scents; Live, Love, Laugh and Dream. But until we hit Granbury the other day, I just couldn't seem to find a store that sold them. And then it happened. Randey and the in-laws went looking for a restroom and I decided to slip into a store to check out some candles I'd spotted. I went in, looked around a little and then stepped back outside to wait for them to come back. As I was standing there, I turned around and saw this:

Brighton? As in the Brighton perfumes? I went back into the store (The Clothes Horse, if you're interested) and asked them if they carried those perfumes. And yes, they did. Woo-hoo! Jackpot! The salesgirl took me over to the perfume counter and showed me the mean perfume. I smelled them all - couldn't find one among them that I didn't like. Then I did the test - I squirted some on my skin. None of them smelled like alcohol and the Dream scent just put me over the edge. I love it, love it, love it. I tripped all over myself telling her I'd like to buy a bottle of it. She dug underneath the counter and found the very last bottle. Whew - thank goodness they had one! And then, this lovely little establishment went so far as to tell me that if and when I should like to buy more and if I'm unable to get to Granbury, I could just call them and they would ship it to me direct. How nice is that? I love Granbury, I really do. Anybody looking for a small little town full of antique shops and fun boutiques, go to Granbury. Their "square" around the courthouse is unbeatable. It's charming, it's full of shops of all kinds and the people are always happy to see you! (And no, I don't work for the Chamber of Commerce - lol - I don't even think they need one. The town square speaks for itself!). Here's a picture of my wonderful perfume...I recommend you all seek it out - I just know that, of the 4 different scents offered - you're bound to find one that makes your eyes roll back in your head in sheer ecstasy! Thank you Annie for sharing the name of your perfume and a picture of the pretty bag (I'm a sucker for a pretty shopping bag...sad, but true).

Aren't they pretty? The bag and the bottle. You should smell this stuff (the perfume, not the bottle or the bag). It's fan-tabulous!!