Monday, July 28, 2008


I just want to post a note about the Weight Watchers information and experiences some of you have sent me via my previous post about my recent weight loss efforts. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement!! It really is helpful to get a few "atta boys" every now and again. I'd keep plowing ahead with my determination to lose weight regardless, but it sure eases the way a whole lot to hear someone say something positive about it, you know what I mean? Anywho, I would love to answer all of you personally who shared something about weight loss successes and woes, but if I don't get my bags packed soon, I won't have anything to wear next week while I'm in Florida. And while I'm in Florida, I probably won't get much opportunity for blogging. When I get back, however, we have got to get together - me, you and you and you and yes, even you, the one over in the corner, trying to look invisible! And anyone else who wants or needs some support with losing weight. How about we do something every Wednesday where we talk about what we did that week to make a change? Anybody else up for that? Say YES! It could be fun and it could even be helpful to share the struggle with someone else (well, hopefully, a bunch of someone elses! lol). I'll start it August 6th, the first Wednesday after I get back from this next little trip. Anyone wants to comment or share, feel free to jump right in, okay? And Lynne, did you get started on that walking, by the way? Come on - I know you did! If you didn't, brace yourself 'cause I'll be nagging you until you do. GET TO STEPPIN', WOMAN! LOL

One more thing before I go, I had a most pleasant lunch today with someone very, very special...Annie from My Life as Annie! I'll write more about that later when I get back from the trip (sooner if the hotel has a decent internet hook-up!) but let me just say's a good thing that Annie is as nice and as sweet as she is because otherwise, I probably would never would have been able to survive lunch next to her. People, this woman is GORGEOUS. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. It's bad enough she's tall and blond (I felt like one of those troll dolls standing next to her - no lie!! lol) but she looks like she's maybe 24 or 25. Sheesh! It was tough to realize she really isn't that much younger than me! Some things just aren't fair. I mean, she's got 4 kids, just like me. And she's from Oklahoma, just like me. And she has a wonderful husband and marriage, just like me. So why in the heck does all of life's hardships that one experiences throughout the course of time show on every square inch of my face while Annie glides through life looking like a flippin' fashion model? Lord knows Annie has had more than her share of tough times, but you'd never ever know it to look at her. Ever. (Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.) Luckily, however, Annie is nice and funny and lively and an all-around great person to meet. It seriously makes up for her being so dang youthful and pretty. LOL Lunch was awesome - pretty good food, but even better company. She got me the nicest ornament and Believe cross, too. Can't wait to post a picture of that. I'll treasure both of them always. Thanks, Annie.

Now I'm off to pack that bag...(geez, I hate packing). Ya'll be thinking about that "Weight Discussion Wednesday" idea and let me know if you're interested in doing something like that, okay?