Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Family Trip to Oklahoma

Ten of us drove up to Oklahoma this past weekend to visit family. Here's all of us together at my dad and Wendy's house. (I meant to crop the picture before posting it, but well heck...I forgot to.) We took tons and tons of pictures, but don't worry, I didn't post them all. Just a couple of dozen or so. lol Here's Skye, wearing Maddy's new hat. She really thought she was stylin' in this. lolHere's Nick and Kara, opening gifts.
This is Maddy, sportin' her new OU beanie.
And here's Maddy, opening a gift (I love this sweater...wish it came in my size. lol).

And here's yet another one of Maddy. She's a bit of a hippie...perhaps the ribbon tied around her head gives that away, eh?

This is my step-sister, Leah. She totally cracks me up.

This is four generations of Steeds; Kara, Nick, me and my dad. We do have a better shot of this, but I thought this one was funny because Dad and I have the same look on our faces. :)

And I'm not sure how this picture got into the mix...it was taken before we went to Oklahoma. But whatever. It's still a good one. It's Kaleb, Randey and Kara. Randey was surprised to see how tall Kaleb really is. He just doesn't seem this tall in real life. ha!

And here's Kaleb again. Jodie (my daughter-in-law) and I kind of used Kaleb as our model while we were playing with our cameras. He's the only one who would sit still and smile on command. Everybody else ran.

And here's Jodie herself, probably laughing at something Nick or dad had said.

This is Jacob, wearing his new shirt that Wendy picked out for him (he didn't realize a camera was trained on him!). Terribly GQ, isn't he?

This is Nick...undoubtedly arguing with someone over something. (He's so like his mother, you know).
Now check out these big blue eyes! This is little Kara, eating one of her toys.

Here's Jake again. I can't believe he actually looked at me when I called his name. He usually doesn't if he knows I'm holding a camera.

This is Maddy, showing us what she opened in the Steal-a-Gift game.

This is me and Leah, showing how much younger we'd look with a little botox. Okay, so maybe this wasn't the best demonstration of that, but we were trying.

Here's Nick with his Steal-a-Gift prize. I think Jacob eventually ended up with the hand warmers, though. Good thing, too. Nick lives on a tropical island...don't think these would come in handy there, you know what I mean?
Look at Skye here...she got a dress-up chest as her gift and she absolutely loved it. She modeled for us most of the night. What a cutie.

And here's Wendy Sue. my step-mother. I love her white hair and, while this picture doesn't show you, she has the most piercing and beautiful blue eyes. (Yeah, that's "color" envy you're hearing!)

Speaking of pretty coloring, this is my niece Kelsey. She's got perfectly lovely red hair, eh? I kind of envy that, too.
This is Kara and Jodie. Looks like Kara was telling us something important.
This is Kaleb and his Steal-a-Gift prize. I think Wendy actually ended up with this candle set.
Here's Kaleb holding Kara. Little kids love Kaleb...he's got a way with them. Isn't she cute, how she's waving at us?
Here's my dad, opening one of his gifts. The look on his face says it all. lol

This is my nephew, Derri. He's one great kid, a lot of fun and (almost) always good-natured. :)

Here's Des with one of her gifts. She recently got a camera and has developed a picture frame fetish.

And this is Jake with his Steal-a-Gift prize, a belly dancing kit. This was a gift I picked out for the game. I never intended for one of my kids to get it, though. I thought it'd be hilarious for either Leah or my dad to get stuck with the darn thing. Not to worry...my wickedness came back to bite me in the butt...Randey ended up with it at the end of the game. LOL

We've been having a great time (although I think we all may be looking to sleep in tomorrow...it's been a very busy few days for us lately!) Hope everyone else is having a great Christmas season, too!
I did all my food shopping today and will be baking pies and cookies tomorrow. Right after I attend a Weight Watchers meeting, that is. (Talk about mixed messages, eh???)