Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sydney the Wonder Dog Has Got Some Problems

My poor Sydney has injured his back again. The vet said he's got some sort of pinched nerve along his spinal cord and has to take medicine for the next two weeks. He's also restricted to a dog cage, unless he's sitting on one of our laps, because he can't run or jump until his back heals completely. This is going to make it tough for him to discipline the neighbors and any other citizens that make the mistake of walking in view of our house. Sydney loves to bark and chase them down, don'tcha know. He had to have a shot of cortisone today to get him started down the path of healing and he's been kind of sad looking and listless ever since. Bless his heart...I'm hoping he starts feeling better soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elves and Eagles

Don't really have a lot going on, but thought I should post something in an effort to get used to posting again. lol I was going through my picture folder and came across these two pictures to share. I'm thinking of using this one for next year's Christmas card.... That's Kaleb, Des and Jacob - nestled all snug in their bed on Christmas Eve. Okay, so they're faking like their nestled, but so what - it's still adorable in their mother's eyes. lol Des and I had found those elf shoes one day and thought it would be funny to have her and her little brother's pose like this. And they were great sports for doing it, too. :)

This next picture is me and my three sons. Nick bought him and his brothers tickets to the Eagles vs. Cowboys game and here they were, all dressed up and ready to go. Too bad the Eagles didn't go to that game with the boys, though. The final score was something like 0-24, Cowboys. Crushing defeat for my loyal Eagles fans, but at least they got to spend the day together, eh?

That's Nick, me, Kaleb and Jacob. A great looking trio of boys, if I do say so myself. (Look how naked the house is in the background with all the Christmas stuff taken down! Yikes!)