Friday, May 21, 2010

Three Months in a Nutshell

Wow. I've not blogged in almost 3 months. I think I've forgotten how. lol
So much is going on these days. A new grandbaby has arrived. Another new grandbaby is on the way. We're slowly repainting the entire upstairs of the house. Randey's job is moving to Georgia sometime in the next year or year and a half. I've become a tattoo addict. Youngest son is mere days away from graduating high school. Oldest son has finally returned from Okinawa and is living back in Florida. Ummmm let's see...what else? I've celebrated 17 months on the Weight Watchers Maintenance Program (yay me!). And I guess that's about it. All the major highlights anyway.

Huh. Okay. So that wasn't so bad. Maybe I do remember how to blog after all (sort of!)