Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Week's Top Ten Observations

I can't seem to get organized enough to post something every day anymore so I thought if I could post once a week about something, I would at least be able to stay in touch. I haven't even been visiting blogs because I don't feel like a "real blogger" anymore! And while it feels like I don't have enough time these days to do blogging justice, I'm just not ready to give it up so I'll try this Top 10 Weekly Observations approach for a bit and see if it helps to "keep me involved" in our little world of cyberspace.

This week, I've observed the following 10 totally random things:

10. Coffee tastes better if you drink it out of your "favorite" cup.

9. I don't like it when my family is separated. Life feels better when we're all together.

8. Shoe shopping is just plain FUN.

7. I'm better at getting housework done if I have the I-pod blaring.

6. In general, democrats are all for abortion, calling it a "woman's right", but most will protest loudly and proudly against the death penalty, calling it murder.

5. In general, republicans are anti-abortion, calling it murder, but most are willing to pull the switch or push the plunger to put a convicted murderer to death, calling it justice.

4. Balancing my checkbook, no matter how much damage I've done to it with my shoe shopping obsession, calms me.

3. Judging by the headlines on many so-called "news" webpages, the world loves drama, the darker the better. Stories aren't reported anymore, they are sensationalized. And the public just eats it up.

2. I am a procrastinator. A really, really good one.

and lastly...

1. Reflection on the past can be a good thing. Too much reflection, however, isn't.