Thursday, October 4, 2007

Name That Masked Man

This is how my boys dressed for school today. And, no. This was not a special "Halloween" costume day. It was Super Hero Day (gosh, did I even have to spell that out for you? Sheesh!). If I'm understanding Kaleb and Jacob correctly, the school declares one day a week (during football season) a "spirit day" and each spirit day has a different theme. And, as previously stated, today's theme was Super Heroes. So. Anywho. I'm guessing that most of you have guessed that Kaleb went as Batman. But what about Jake? Can any of you name what Super Hero he was dressed as? If it's any comfort to you...I had never heard of this guy. Here's a hint: I doubt they'll be bringing this character to the big screen anytime soon. Still have no clue? Ummmm, here's another hint: his American counterpart had a TV show back in the '70s. Not helping, eh? Okay. Last clue: Has anybody watched Robot Chicken (a warped and wickedly twisted cartoon that comes on in the evenings)? Yeah...that's all the help I can give you. I will just say this...if any of you actually correctly name what character Jake is dressed as, I will probably contact your family members immediately and recommend that you be forever forbidden from ever watching cartoons after 9:00 p.m. again. Ever. And yes. I realize that my son obviously watches cartoons during that time frame, but he's young. He can bounce back, eh? Besides, this post isn't about my bad parenting skills, it's about your knowledge of strange cartoon shows. So tell me...can you name Jake's Super Hero?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let Us Remember a Hero

Please visit Kat's post if you wish to follow the links to leave a message to honor a fallen hero. One of our blogging community has suffered a heart-breaking loss and is collecting messages from all of us to present to the parents of Staff Sgt. Matthew Blaskowski. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with them, if you can.

Heather, You're the Greatest!

Look what I got in the mail. Just look at it. Isn't it the most gorgeous thing you've ever, ever, ever seen? And you know where it came from? The wonderful, beautiful, unbelievably generous Heather at Splaneyo sent this to me. Okay, so she sent it to me because I'm a whining, crying, shameless wench, but let's not get bogged down with details, okie-dokey? Moving along now...
I can't even begin to tell you how stunned I was when I opened the mail. I mean WOW! Heather, you've made my flippin' YEAR! Thank you so much. I love this little purse like nobody's business. It's beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I have to tell all you guys, I can't even pretend to be ashamed of myself for acting so petty over not winning Heather's giveaway. Yes I am a whiner. I am a crier. And I am a shameless wench. And I'm also the proud owner of the "I Didn't Win But I Really Wanted It" Prize! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!

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Duh-Filled Questions

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date. No time to say hello, good-bye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late...

Sorry all you Menopausal Wild Women! I wasn't able to do my post yesterday, due to family obligations (that sounds so flippin' serious, doesn't it?). My dad and step-mother have been visiting since Friday afternoon. They had to head back to Oklahoma this morning. And my sister and her husband have been visiting from Florida since Saturday (they'll be here until this Sunday). Anywho, they have requested that I focus on them during this time instead of my blog (yeah, how inconsiderate is that?) but they are now watching a movie so I'm grabbing my chance while I can. So, since time is apparently of the essence (the movie only last 90 minutes you know!), let's get started...

The other day, Randey and I were discussing his lack of tender loving care towards moi. Okay, so I was discussing it and Randey was standing there with his eyes wide and frightened and generally acting like a deer caught in the headlights. He can be such a goob and I am so sick and tired of seeing that look on his face, you just have no idea! At any rate, there I was, explaining to him with great care and patience and yeah, maybe a little too much volume, that I required much love and assistance with this trying time in my life (i.e, this menopausal hell I find myself in). In the middle of my ...rant, for lack of a better word, Randey speaks up (like that was asked for) and said "Well what the hell is that anyway? What is menopause? I don't even know what that means! How long does it last? What's the next step?". Hello!!! Do I look like freakin' Dr. Phil? Or even Dr. Ruth? (Uh, excuse me, those questions are what we call "rhetorical" and therefore, do not require an answer, thankyouverymuch). However. The fact that he had the unmitigated gall to ask me required that I give him some sort of answers. Unfortunately for my know-it-all-attitude, I was quite unable to produce intelligent sounding answers on such short notice. Oh shut up. You probably would have choked, too. Wouldn't you have? Say yes so we can move on with my dignity in tact. Good. Thank you. Moving on....

So for those of us out there who weren't sure of the difference between being "menopausal" and being "peri-menopausal", listen up. The difference is this; Menopause actually begins when your periods stop. Peri-menopause is what a women experiences prior to menopause. And while peri-menopause is the time when you experience all those wonderful symptoms we've discussed in the past, those symptoms can actually continue to occur for many, many years after the cessation of your period. Exciting stuff, huh? And, just when you thought it was safe to call yourself human again, let me share this little tidbit with one can tell just how long peri-menopausal symptoms will last. It varies widely from woman to woman. Yippee! And the next step? Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. (I'm laughing hysterically.) Next step, indeed. Let me clarify this point for the uninitiated...peri-menopausal symptoms don't really come in steps. They just happen. One at a time. Or all at the same time. There's no rules. There's no rhyme. There's no reason (other than a woman's body up and decides that her birthing years are coming to an end).

So, to summarize today's lesson, ladies, let me break it down for you like this: Menopause, it what you like. Doesn't change these facts. It ain't pleasant. It ain't quick. And it ain't easy. And when your husband asks for "clarification" about all that you're trying to share with him, just remember this: A man is just as capable of doing internet research as you are. And if he really, really cares about you...he won't waste your time asking goofy, duh-filled questions when he can find the answers himself and it's obvious that you have much better things to be spending your time on. Things like timing your hot flashes and watching your weight climb at the rate of about 16 pounds per split second and recording your mood swings on a bar graph just because you like the look of a giant zig-zag and wadding up all the kleenex you've gone through while crying because your husband isn't as sensitive and loving as perhaps he should be and etc., etc., etc....

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Absent, but Accounted For

I've got company so I've been banned from the computer. I know. I can't believe it, either. I've got much to say and it's not like any of these guys want to hear me anyway! I'm missing all of ya'll! However, I'm a mature woman of almost advanced age (no comments, please!) so I think I can handle a few days without blogging. Right? Sure I can. Absolutely. No problem. (sob, sob) Bear with me! I'm hoping to be back soon. I thought I'd get a chance to sneak in a menopause Monday post, but alas...they had me cooking breakfast this morning so I didn't get a chance. Don't worry. I doubt they make that mistake again. Breakfast wasn't exactly a gourmet affair, shall we say. I'm hoping they've learned their lesson and I'm hoping even more that I'll be able to get back here as soon as I can. Heather, if you're reading this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I've got much, much more to say about that and I took pictures to post!! You're wonderful and I fully intend to proclaim that loud and clear when I'm set free from this prison called "Family Visitors". lol (Just kidding - we're having a blast and I'll go on and on about that later, too!).

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