Thursday, October 4, 2007

Name That Masked Man

This is how my boys dressed for school today. And, no. This was not a special "Halloween" costume day. It was Super Hero Day (gosh, did I even have to spell that out for you? Sheesh!). If I'm understanding Kaleb and Jacob correctly, the school declares one day a week (during football season) a "spirit day" and each spirit day has a different theme. And, as previously stated, today's theme was Super Heroes. So. Anywho. I'm guessing that most of you have guessed that Kaleb went as Batman. But what about Jake? Can any of you name what Super Hero he was dressed as? If it's any comfort to you...I had never heard of this guy. Here's a hint: I doubt they'll be bringing this character to the big screen anytime soon. Still have no clue? Ummmm, here's another hint: his American counterpart had a TV show back in the '70s. Not helping, eh? Okay. Last clue: Has anybody watched Robot Chicken (a warped and wickedly twisted cartoon that comes on in the evenings)? Yeah...that's all the help I can give you. I will just say this...if any of you actually correctly name what character Jake is dressed as, I will probably contact your family members immediately and recommend that you be forever forbidden from ever watching cartoons after 9:00 p.m. again. Ever. And yes. I realize that my son obviously watches cartoons during that time frame, but he's young. He can bounce back, eh? Besides, this post isn't about my bad parenting skills, it's about your knowledge of strange cartoon shows. So tell me...can you name Jake's Super Hero?

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  1. So he's NOT Che Guevera??? That was't a super hero????
    What fun--I think we should all have a spirit week as adults--let go of some inner turmoil!! Let's see--Bad Hair Day, Baggy Pants Rule Day, Clothes Don't Match Day, I could really get into this!!!
    Haven't noticed one thing you have misspelled!!! And, on blogs, I'm not looking!!!

  2. How about El Tigre? I think that was produced in Canada...


  3. Haven't a clue! My boys would love Super Hero Day - but I fear their super heros would be Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi - any excuse to carry a light sabre!

  4. Gee, I don't know, La Cucaracha? No, that's a she, El Cucarache? Or is it Speedy Gonzalez? Just what in the world are you letting those boys watch? Hmmm....I'm glad I don't the answer, cause then you might tell my Dad I watch South Park...

  5. Ummm... Yeah, I totally give up. I even tried to google it. LOL!!! That's some crazy stuff from what I found out. ;) LOL

  6. Hi Kari,
    Please tell me your boy is not one of the Gay Caveleros !!!Although I loved that Steve Martin film.
    They look great,did you help with the costumes ?
    It's deliciously Autumn like here,hope it's cooled down some for you too.
    Sadly it was bad news for me ,I have a small growth in my stomach that has to come out.
    I'm hoping for keyhole surgery,not that it will matter,I've not worn a bikini since I was 12 !!!!!
    I feel rotten and keep crying and then laughing so I guess I'm going nuts too,
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    Hugs Kat xxxxx

  7. It is soo cool that your kids particpate! They look like they have fun, too!

  8. I was thinking Nacho Libre, but now I wish I knew the character, just to watch you spazz on me!!

  9. Ummm - no ...but is the dog a part of the costume too?? ha ha! Who cares - they look like they are having a blast!

  10. It looks like halloween is on its way at your house. I can not beleive haw fast the time is going and just how soon the holiday will be apon us. I enjoy your blog and looking forward to your nect post.........Sharon K

  11. Not a clue. Yep, I'm clueless (as if you didn't know that already!). It's a great photo though and I'm sure that had fun.


  12. Nope, can't say that I!!

    They are cute though! I had some teens about their age marching down my street last night...we live on the town parade route and it was Homecoming night at the high school down the of the football players decided I needed a piece of candy, I guess it just looked to peaceful with me up on my front porch with a can of diet Pepsi...he lobbed that sucker and I was afraid he had broken an upstairs window...he said "Ooops"! Silly youngin'!

    BTW...I've gone private...I just feel better that way...if you want to be in on my blog just let me know and I'll send you an invite.

    Love & Hugs,

  13. Kari, I haven't got a clue, but your boys do make me laugh!! They look so lively and spirited-bet they make you laugh and drive you mad in equal measures lol!!

    I'm now the proud owner of a niece and nephew to your scarecrow family-just sent you an email, hope it gets there!! But just to re-itterate, in case I didn't make it clear- I LOVE THEM KARI!!! LOVE THEM!!
    Thank-you!THANK-you (OK stop me now....)xxx

  14. Please don't call my mother but I'm thinking he's dressed as the Six Million Peso Man?? Am I right??? hehe I love the idea of having Super Hero days at the school, I can just imagine the fun they have!! xox

  15. Hi Kari,

    I have no idea what super hero Jake is but they both look good and it looks like it was fun? Are you going to tell us? Never even heard of Robot Chicken...

  16. Ok, I took the hints...On Tv, but not on the big screen.
    Dancing with the Stars?
    The Bachelor?
    6million peso man!

    What did I win?

  17. I was thinking Mask of Zorro, but that isn't a cartoon.
    Over here we have a day where the girls play football and the boys take on cheerleading.
    I'm telling you, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd want to see HS boys cheer. Hilarious!

  18. Ps: (I know I keep doing this) my son says it might be El tigre.

  19. 6 Million Peso Man!!!!!!!!

    Scare that I know this???? Or, am I wrong???

  20. Oooh...I just saw that I am late. Sandi already named him! Now I am really depressed...I never know anything and I did this and am not the winner and now I am miffed and I am gonna go and cry. *smile*

    Hey, I have a 25 year old son still living at home and he watches TV late at night. I am a 51 year old menopausal woman who has trouble sleeping so we are often watching TV together.

    Hey, with me, the stranger the better in everything!!


  21. Now that is too funny. Tell Jacob I think he looks like el dweebo. LOL Look at that school spirit, it's a good thing to have.

  22. Alright, I know you had company for like, a month...but this is getting ridiculous now, what is the costume? I've been waiting and you PROMISED...

  23. I have no idea, but it looks like your house is a fun place to be!


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