Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Introducing....PABLO RODRIGUEZ

AKA The Six Million Peso Man! Sorry it took so long to post the correct answer on this. We had quite a visit with my sister and her husband. It was absolutely wonderful and I've been exhausted from it! lol Anywho, Jacob dressed as The Six Million Peso Man for Super Hero day and for those of you who are unfamiliar with this particular "hero", he's featured on a funky little show called Robot Chicken. Teenage boys loooooovvvvvveeeee this show for some reason. As do older boys, I suppose. Now for the disturbing part...three of YOU guessed correctly who Jake was dressed as. That means THREE of you watch Robot Chicken and I must say, I am stunned. Who are the three, you ask? Well, you won't believe this, but it's Pea over at Pea's Corner, Sandi from Whistlestop Cooking and Sue at Rabbit Run Cottage. Okay, so maybe you will believe that of Sue. I mean, come on...it's Sue. She's goofy anyway! lol But Pea and Sandi? I never saw that coming..... And now that I've outed those three as knowing of Robot Chicken and The Six Million Peso Man, let me ask them this: Guys, have you ever seen the Star Wars spoof on Robot Chicken where Vader has to call the Emperor to tell him that the first Death Star has been blown up and Palpatine has to take another call to order take-out food and then he goes back to talking to Vader and makes Vader cry when he brings up Padme? And then has to tell him "I love you, too" before he hangs up? Now that was just funny stuff. I had that TiVo'd for the longest time. Great tv, really. And yeah, I'm admitting...I've watched Robot Chicken occasionally. Too bad I missed that Six Million Peso Man episode, though. I think I went down a notch or two on the Cool Meter as far as the boys are concerned. Ah well...I'm getting old, I'm out of touch and I can't be expected to know everything. Right?
Now look what the wonderful sweet Jayme from Scrapper Mama sent me. Isn't this the cutest little Halloween card you've ever seen? She's so talented....she even used her sewing machine in the making of this. I was thrilled when I opened it up the other day and, while I'm ashamed I didn't jump on here right away to brag on her cardmaking, I've shown it to anybody and everybody who has gotten within a 2 block radius of my house. Thanks, Jayme. I love the card and I love that you thought enough of me to send it! You know you've made my Christmas card list, don't you? lol
For those of you who have been reading my blog for any amount of time (that's probably just you, Aunt Sandi! lol) you'll know that, naturally, when family comes to visit, we take them to Granbury. It's not that I wanted to go there, of course, but it's my duty so I suffered through it. (lol, lol, lol - I'm laughing hysterically at that ginormous white lie!!). But looky here at what I came home with. See this sweet little potted flower? My son, Kaleb, bought that for me while we were in Granbury. He saw me looking at it and, after I'd put it down, he snuck it down to the cash register and bought it. Is that not the sweetest thing? That kid has a heart of gold and he touches my heart with gestures like that. I have some pretty wonderful offspring, that's for sure.
And I also have some pretty wonderful friends. My gosh, when I said that my last birthday had become a birthday season instead of a birthday, I wasn't kidding. My friend, Susan, who still lives in Florida, had told me that she was mailing my birthday present but that I wouldn't get it until the first week in October. I couldn't think why any package would take so long to ship and she wouldn't clue me in. Her gift finally arrived the other day. (Nice wrapping, huh? - you gotta love those people at Amazon.com). And now I get it why it took so long! It was Criminal Minds, Season Two. It didn't come out until October 3rd and Susan knows how much I love that show. In fact, she bought me Season One for Christmas last year. Isn't it great to have a friend who just knows you so well? Murder and mayhem...she so gets me. lol
And check out this purse. My sister brought this to me (she also knows me so well - a little animal print always brings out the animal in me). lol
And speaking of animals, my sister gave me these ducks to wear on my feet. I love them, of course. They just quack me up. What? You're surprised that I made such a cheesy joke? Come on now...you had to have seen that coming! But let's not dwell on the sad state of my sense of humor. Just say "ha, ha" out loud a few times and move on.

I've got more pictures to post later. (Pictures of the visit, not so much the duck houseshoes.) But first, I must do my checkbook so that I can get that mini-depression from the financial ruin I've put us in over the last week shopping like a madwoman over with. Wish me luck and I'll write more as soon as I've recovered.

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  1. Ahhhh-haaaaaaaaa! There you are! ;)

    Well, I'm totally gonna have to youtube this six million peso man thing so I can see what this is all about, and perhaps that starwars spoof as well.

    OHHH MY, look at that CUTE card sitting next to the CUTE beaded pumpkins. That Jayme girl is good. ;) lol

    I hope my Ryan will grow up to be like your Kaleb. What a super sweet kid, to buy his mama such a sweet/cute little potted plant... CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

    Love those quaker house shoes, mine are piggies. ;) I look forward to seeing the pics from this trip to Granbury.

  2. I never in a million years would have guessed who that man was and I have never seen Robot Chicken... Is that a Canadian show or American show?

    Love those slippers! Whoohoo!

  3. I never in a million years would have guessed who that man was and I have never seen Robot Chicken... Is that a Canadian show or American show?

    Love those slippers! Whoohoo!

  4. Well, you're back...finally! You've been missed. Doesn't your family understand that you are needed here in the Land of Blog? Geeeeesh!

    Welcome back!


  5. I actually thought it was Speedy Meth Gonzalez...no really...as for Kaleb, he just wants to make sure he is still in the will...ask him! Glad your visit with Sherry and Ken went so well...I found a picture of Megan when she was a baby and Sherry was at my house waiting on a plane to join Ken (not sure where they were headed, tho...and that girl had enough hair for 9 people and she was only like 6 months old...time flies...and makes me feel old as hell...and menopause madness is still a part of my life...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! What kind of joke is God trying to pull on me here? Love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  6. Oh yeah, Germany I think. Where Sherry and Megs were headed...

  7. OK, now I'm going to have to find Robot Chicken, because it sounds like my kind of humor, i.e. sophomoric. :)

    Love the potted plant, and I've just got to get me some slippers like those!

  8. Yay Kari-you're back!! We have missed you (not trying to make you feel guilty because I know how hard it is to blog when things are manic lol) !! How sweet is Kaleb!!! He is an unusually thoughtful teenage boy!!! And didn't you get some great things-those slippers are fab!!!!
    Did I tell you Spider has a 'thing' for my scarecrows? Maybe he's jealous because he keeps trying to nibble the straw in their arms lol!! Or maybe he just really likes them too lol!!
    I didn't get Han Solo (if only!!!) but we are in the middle of major postal strikes, so lots of our mail is held up, although parcels are still being delivered as much as possible. So maybe all is not lost, and he will one day come for me, and sweep me away from it all....
    Anyway, have a great week-don't overdo things, sounds like you need a rest from all that shopping lol!!! I will let you know if Han arrives (love saying that) and thank-you again ( a million times) for my gorgeous scarecrows!! xxx

  9. Yeah! You're back! That Star Wars Spoof sounds hilarious? Have you seen Grocery Wars?

  10. YEA!!!Kari's back--I really, really miss you when you go to "other space"~!~~
    AND--happy birthday!!
    AND--I had my OWN menopause Monday--between Fri & Sat nights I think I got 5 hours sleep total---Monday I felt like do do!!

    Your boys are so creative!!!

    Have a great one!

  11. Girl im so glad your back. The flower is so cute and your son is a doll. He will make a great hubby someday. My Rian was always like that. Glad your back.

  12. Well I'm new to your blog. I've only been visiting for a week or so. But, I'm so glad to see that you're back.

    Your son is too sweet. A sign of a good Mama!

    I'm a little envious of those slippers....


  13. Love the flowers, LOVE Criminal Minds. (I am so up in arms over this season's first two shows, I just can't tell you.) I'm so glad you're back!

    Love ya friend,


  14. Welcome back and Happy Birthday!
    Your son is just too awesome!

  15. I love to surprise people every once in a while! LOL I'm glad, though, that I'm not the only one who guessed it right! hehe Awww that Halloween card is so precious and I love that potted plant that Kaleb surprised you with...yup, you raised him right!!! I've never watched Criminal Minds...I know, I watch Robot Chicken but not Criminal Minds! lol LOVE that purse but just don't use it while wearing your ducky slippers ok? :-)~ xox

  16. Lookie how Susan matched the wrapping paper to Kaleb's flower!!! I'll bet you didn't even notice! Hey where have you been. Tap,tap,tap...

  17. Hi kari,
    Yea, you are back! Missed visiting with you. Okay, I must be really out of it, I have no idea what a Robot Chicken is. What channel is it on again? And what a sweetie your son is. I have only one son and am not sure if he would do something this sweet and I love seeing all of your new treasures. Looks like fun stuff. Can't wait to see more pics.

  18. Aww your son is very thoughtful! Hope you are enjoying your week my friend :)

  19. You Quack Me up!
    I knew he was the 6 million peso man because of the mustache... the poncho was a helpful hint as well.
    You know, I have teenagers that are in (and out) of this house. What did I win??

  20. So let me defend my self... I googled 'pocho wearing super hero'!

  21. Great post, Kari! I love your cards and gifts!

    Thank you so much for broadening my horizons! I had no idea about Robot Chicken or Six Million Peso Man! I feel enlightened!;-)


  22. Hi! I am visiting from Karolee´s blog and just love your heading foto and background of autumn leaves! Is it too corny to ask you how you did that because I would LOVE to have that on mine!!!!YOu seem like a really fun person!!! Great sense of humour...Drop by and visit any time!

  23. I have never heard of criminal minds. I guess I have to watch it.
    Love the duck sleepers ;-)

  24. Hi, new to your blog. I really enjoyed looking at it. I love Criminal Minds too. Thanks for sharing, and I'll be back if that's ok.

  25. That was soooo sweet of your son to sneak in and buy that for you! You must have done something right to raise such a softie! :)


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