Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our sad, sad news

Some of you already know this, but we have had some horrible, terrible, unimaginably painful news regarding my daughter's husband. Desiree' and Russell have lived together has husband and wife for quite some time now and had planned a big wedding celebration for April 19, 2009. Although they were already common law married in the eyes of the law, Russell wanted Des to have her fairytale wedding day - the big dress, the crowd, the dancing and all the trimmings. Sadly, on Sunday, April 5th, two weeks to the day before they were to have their big moment, Russell was killed in car accident in east Texas. In two days, my daughter will bury the man she had planned to spend the rest of her life with. Desiree' has proven herself to be way tougher than anyone I've ever known - I don't know how she's getting up every day and facing life but she is. She's planned Russell's funeral with every bit as much love and attention as she spent planning their wedding. Randey and I are watching her heart break right before our very eyes and all we can do is marvel at the love she carries for Russell and how determined she is to take care of him now.
Please pray for my daughter and her beloved Russell. I know she's going to need all the warmth and love and prayers that she can get as she moves forward.