Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Actually DO Have Blogging Limits! :o

Brace yourselves, people. I think I've actually found a subject that I'm not willing to blog about. Shocking, isn't it? This "thing" that's been on my mind has kept me from blogging. Can't seem to work my head around it long enough to focus on anything else. To be honest, I still don't feel like blogging, but thought maybe I should post something just to keep in practice. So here it is, in all its mundane glory...a post about things. Normal, everyday, only mildly (and that's being generous) interesting things.

See the way the wind blows here at our house? We had some fun weather in Texas last week. Nice warm temperatures, accompanied by winds strong enough to blow power lines down (as well as the garden clock we keep out back). Due to the dry conditions, some of those downed power lines caused a fire or two to kick up around Ft. Worth. Which begs the question...Exactly why do we not bury our power lines these days? Just seems like it'd be better all around.
Here's our resin leprechaun hat, ready to be filled with candy and set out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
Check out my $6 painting I got at Kirkland's. Not exactly fine art, but I love it anyway. I can't say that I'm crazy about the frame. I think I'll paint it one of these days. Maybe black. Or maybe not. I've got it hanging in the living room right now. I figure I'll look at it for awhile and then decide what color and finish to go with.
My little Jim Shore figurine. "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide". (Something every parent should tell their children.)
This picture is for Scott and Jackie. Don't know if they've ever seen them before, but this is what a Blue Bonnet looks like when it starts to come up. Not being a native of Texas, I didn't know what this was when I first saw it a couple of years ago. I thought the leaves were kind of pretty, though, so I didn't pull it up. Then our neighbor, "B", came over and, as we were discussing flower beds and I pointed it out to him, he informed me that we had ourselves a Blue Bonnet plant. Cool, huh? Didn't even plant that first one, it just came up wild. Later on, we found some at Lowe's being sold as annuals and bought a six pack for the front of the house. Last year, those Blue Bonnets took off. Beautiful blooms that just kept going and going. It was awesome. I hope they do as well this year. I harvested some of the seeds and planted them out back a few months ago. I noticed this weekend that some of them were starting to come up. "B" and his wife are planning to plant a bunch of them in their backyard, along the fence line. It should be beyond gorgeous when they bloom. I'll probably be hospitalized shortly afterwards, though. I figure I'll probably fall off the fence while trying to balance long enough to take a few pictures. Maybe I'll just ask "B" to take them for me...yeah, that'd probably work out better, for me and the camera.