Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Week in Review...

It's been another one of those weeks. It started off with a money issue...something my youngest son needed ended up costing twice as much as predicted. Great. Like money grows on trees around here, right? Then it went on to a dental appointment that was a lot more involved than I originally thought it would be. I knew I was getting an extraction, but I didn't know that the dentist was going to do the prep work for a bridge ($1300 and much-o pain-o later, I figured out that this was no simple tooth extraction). Sorta made that first money issue seem like small potatoes by comparison. lol Then I found out that a wonderful blogging friend has breast cancer. Words can't even begin to touch that one. Shock and dismay are too mild of words to describe my feelings. That was followed up by another sad moment with my daughter. Her husband's headstone was finally set yesterday and she didn't want to go out there alone to see it. I'm afraid I was a little out of it from the dentist visit so couldn't go with her yesterday but we made it out there today. My heart felt like it weighed about a million pounds when I viewed it with her. It's a beautiful marker, but all I could think of when I looked at it was "he's too young to be here, he's too young to be here". Watching her wipe away the tears she didn't even realize she was shedding was heartbreaking. Next week she and I will work on making a floral arrangement to put on the marker. I want to make it, but I'm dreading that sadness.
Anyway... tomorrow morning I have to drive up to Oklahoma City to be with my dad who is having a stent put in for his heart. He wasn't having any symptoms of anything, but they thought they found a blockage during an MRI. After doing an arteriogram, they discovered that there wasn't a blockage where they'd thought there was, but that he had a problem with the left side of his heart. Hopefully, this procedure tomorrow will fix that. I sure hope so. We're all counting on it.
I hope next week goes a little more smoothly than this one did. I know I vowed to look for the positive side of things, but man...weeks like this make that sort of thing a real challenge, you know it?