Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Idol Picks

This is for you, Aunt Sandi. My Idol picks for this week:
My three least favorite performances last night were: David Archuleta. I know, I know...he's a sweet kid and has a nice voice, but there's just no excitement there. Every time I hear him, I'm reminded of my high school's production of A Christmas Carol from way back in 1980. That's what his singing reminds me of - nice, but more stage worthy than radio, you know what I mean? Next was Carly Smithson. Yes, she has a lovely voice. She doesn't seem to be using it to its full potential, though. And why does she look like she's so ticked off whenever she sings? It's very distracting. And this week, when she threw in a smile here and there, it was obvious that she was reminding herself to do so. Equally distracting. One more thing...I like a cool tattoo just as well as the next person, but does this chick ever wear a shirt with sleeves? Simon's right. She needs to chat with a wardrobe person. Quickly. Last but by no means least, my final pick of worst performance would have to be Ramiele Malubay. For pity's sake, America! Vote this chick off already!! Watching her compete with the other 8 is getting downright painful. I just don't think she's in the same league.
Now...for my three favorite performances. Well, actually, I only have two favorites from last night. Everyone else seemed pretty equal. David Cook was fantabulous, of course. Always is. And don't think I wasn't nervous, wondering how he would pull off singing a Dolly Parton song. But he did it and he did it well. However, despite my love of David Cook's voice, the best performance for me last night was by Michael Johns, who finally showed me that he's more than just a pretty face and an okay voice. Wow! If I wasn't an old married woman, I might be tempted to have that man's baby because YOWZA! That was hot. Smokin' hot. Oh okay, so I'm kidding about the "having his baby" part. Still. That was the performance of the night, hands down, bar none.
Okay, Aunt Sandi. I've made my picks. Now it's your turn. Anybody else have any thoughts on Idol? Let me know in a comment if you post about it. (And stop cussing me for picking on Archuleta and Carly! Come on....I know you are. It's just an opinion, guys. No need to get snippidy about it. lol)