Friday, February 26, 2010

Which One Doesn't Belong in this Picture?

This magazine covers illustrates so very well what exactly is wrong with media in America today. Katie Couric, who calls herself a "journalist", spends more time on magazine covers, posing with actors, than she does digging around for real news. You ask me? She's no journalist. She might have been at one time, but she's most certainly not one now. Nope. Katie's a "Star", with a capital "S". Yes ma'am. She's now, happily, willfully and smugly, someone who is the story, rather than someone who is reporting on the story. Absolutely shameful, Katie. Absolutely shameful. Sadly, though, you're not alone. Far too many of your compatriots have fallen into the same cesspool of "stardom". You're as overpaid as professional athletes (Katie makes $15 million per year. Yes. Really!), as catered to as spoiled actors and as immoral as wild-ass rock stars. And that, my dear, is not the stuff that makes a journalist. Not a real one anyway.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again....

Yep, me and my new found love of tattoos. Now don't be shocked! I know they're not for everybody, but I look at my tattoos as tributes AND amazing artwork. I got this one today in memory of our beautiful grandson, Conner.
Randey kind of laughed when he saw this one and said, "I see a Harley in my future". Apparently, he was referring to me being a "biker chick". LOL I asked him if he was going to get me a sidecar so that I could ride in style with him on that Harley. He told me not only a sidecar, he was going to get me a pair of goggles and a little helmet with a pointy thing on top, too. Goober. Like I'd be caught dead wearing those unstylish goggles. Sheesh. :)

Combining Politics and the Olympics in One Little Ol' Picture

Yeah, no medals for the Democrats this Olympic season. Unless the Olympic committee has added a Lead Medal, for the team that comes in dead last because they got lost somewhere along the route. I'm just sayin'....