Monday, February 22, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again....

Yep, me and my new found love of tattoos. Now don't be shocked! I know they're not for everybody, but I look at my tattoos as tributes AND amazing artwork. I got this one today in memory of our beautiful grandson, Conner.
Randey kind of laughed when he saw this one and said, "I see a Harley in my future". Apparently, he was referring to me being a "biker chick". LOL I asked him if he was going to get me a sidecar so that I could ride in style with him on that Harley. He told me not only a sidecar, he was going to get me a pair of goggles and a little helmet with a pointy thing on top, too. Goober. Like I'd be caught dead wearing those unstylish goggles. Sheesh. :)


  1. awesome! I have heard that once you get one tat, you'll get another! great tribute to your grandson

  2. To each his/her own I hubby went to Key West with the guys one year and came home with a Shamrock tat, that was 7 years ago. Not my I HATE needles of any kind ;(

    You will look good in the pointy hat....I so agree no goggles...LOL

    Have a great day,
    Kathy :)

  3. Now that is a beautiful testimony. I am amazed at the richness of color with your tattoos. Gorgeous!

    Get the Harley!!!

  4. But of course you'll wear the helmet with the awesome pointy thing. ;)
    Great Tat, it's gorgeous!

  5. Thought of you today Kelly Ripa got a new tattoo

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