Saturday, June 21, 2008

11 States in 12 Days

We're back! Randey, Kaleb, Jacob and I went on a vacation across America! Okay, so actually it was only part of America, but we managed to cross through 11 states in only 12 days. Talk about some heavy duty driving! In total, we traveled 3931.2 miles. Whew! I wrote a few posts before we left and scheduled them to post at certain times, though I really thought I'd be able to blog a bit while we were on our trip. But the internet service wasn't all it could have been so, alas, I've been suffering from blog withdrawal all this time. And while this vacation was all kinds of fun (I literally took over 1,000 pictures to show how much fun it was!), I must say it's good to be home. This is how I feel about now, though. lol
We've been home less than 24 hours and I can already tell for sure that the vacation is over. At 4:22 this morning, the downstairs air conditioning unit fan motor blew in spectacular form. What a racket! Randey and I both woke up and didn't know what the heck was going on. The repair man came out and said we'd have to replace that motor - for the low, low cost of approximately $500. Yippee. (This house is only 4 years old, mind you. And, naturally, the fan motor was only covered for a year. Great.) To add insult to injury, the blown motor apparently affected the blades on the fan, too, so those will have to be replaced as well. The guy couldn't say how much that would's a "rare" situation and he hasn't had to replace too many blades. Lucky us, eh? Glad I shopped my brains out while we were gone. If I'd known how much I was going to have to pay when we got back, I might have been a little more thrifty. ha!
I can't wait to show some of our pictures from the trip and will start doing that over the next few days - as soon as I catch up on some sleep (lol) - and I'm also working on a giveaway. Can you believe I've been blogging for over a year now? I have to celebrate! But first I need to figure out what the giveaway should much thinking on such a tired brain. Who knows what I'll come up with. :)
Hope to visit all of your blogs soon, though. I can't wait to get back into visiting everybody!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My (Guitar) Heroes

I've got to quit looking at old pictures in my computer. Better yet, I've got to get them put on a disc so I can clean up my computer. Whilst perusing the more than 4000 photos currently cluttering up my hard drive, I came across this: Jake and Kaleb, playing Guitar Hero. Jake was even sportin' rock star hair back then. Oh, and that funny background you see? That's part of The Star Wars Room (aka: the computer room). Nothing says Rock Star quite like space ships hanging from the ceiling, eh? Well, maybe long hair, guitars and glassy eyes. Yeah, they probably say Rock Star better than an X-wing ever could. lol