Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sight Seeing

Here's a few pictures taken here, there and everywhere during my sister's visit. As I mentioned before, we shopped. A lot. I mean a WHOLE lot. Yeah - it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in order to keep my peeps entertained. The things I do for family....shocking, really.Randey insisted on having his picture made with this strange little scarecrow in Granbury. He also insisted that Kaleb join him for the picture. As you can probably tell by Kaleb's expression, he was somewhat less than thrilled at being forced to pose with this freaky looking guy (I refer to the scarecrow, of course, not Randey). Check out Kaleb's shirt, though. Gotta love that! Unless you're a Texas fan, of course. (GO OU!)
Would you just look at this wonderful dishware collection? I love it. I'm not sure why, though. As I've mentioned over and over and over again...cooking is not my thing. But these dishes were just so pretty. They were hard to resist.
And so were these. If the black and white wasn't your thing, look what else they had to offer. Bright, beautiful, fall colored dishes. I loved these, too. Luckily, I regained my senses and didn't purchase any of either collection. Talk about a waste of money! There's no point in having these particular pretties unless I can afford a daily chef to fill them. Which I can't so I decided to stick with the same old plates we've used for years and years. Boring, but practical.
This is a picture I took from upstairs at one of my favorite Granbury stores. That's my dad in the blue shirt and my sister in the orange. (My step-mother is in green at the top left of the picture.) Dad got a little aggravated with me once he figured out it was me causing that annoying flashing light he kept seeing. Hey, if you can't still aggravate your father - no matter what age you are - then what's the point, right?
Here's a little spiderweb and spider display one of the stores had set up along the sidewalk. Freaks. (And I'm referring to both the store owners and the spiders.)
And I saw this book in a fabric store and immediately thought of my dear friend Sophie. She's a Cath Kidston fanatic. That's a pretty accurate description, isn't it Sophie? lol I wish they weren't asking an arm and a leg for that book because I would have loved to have sent it to you. But what can I say? I'm cheap. :o)
These old dresses reminded me of Sophie, too. I know how she loves vintage clothing, etc. and when I saw these, I had to snap the picture so I could show her. The gold lame' is very chic, no? Wish I could fit more than my left thigh into it. I have a vision of my gaunt, skinny self laid back on a chaise lounge chair, wearing that silky gold dress and being fanned by a skimpily dressed Adonis who is gazing at me with adoration in his eyes. Okay. So I didn't really have that vision until I typed it. Now, however...well now is a different story. Must go think this over. Be back later. Maybe much later....

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  1. Kari, I love looking at all your photos-hope you post lots more!! I fully understand about the sacrifice entailed in being 'forced' to shop with your family lol!!! Kaleb's expression really made me laugh in that photo, scarecrows really are popular in the States-maybe I will be credited with creating a new trend in making them the 'in thing' to have over here!!
    I like the picture of your favourite Granbury shop, it looks like a very tempting place.. that little green stool looks sweet too!! And how funny seeing the Cath Kidston book, it seems quite at home doesn't it!!And I love the vintage clothes.....take me with you next time Kari (if only lol!!!)xx

  2. Okay. I am officially in love with Granbury. I want to have it's babies. Well, really, I just want to have my way with its quaint little shops. :) And I can't wait to post pics of my porch halloween decor. You think those spider people were creeps...

    (laughs maniacally)

    I linked your spider experience post on my recent "St. Vitus' Dance" story.


  3. So yeah, ummm, Kaleb's shirt totally needs to go, you know...lol ;) ;)

    Haha, love the fact you can still torment your dad. I do the same, it's great. He loves to aggravate me as well. But now it seems he likes to get the kids more than me. He does all the same stuff he did to me as a kid, to my kids now...lmao It cracks me up. They think he's a little weird though.

  4. I love all the cute fall dishes that are available now - but where would I put them? So we just eat off of our boring same old, same old dishes.

  5. Mmmmmm
    Eye candy
    So glad to hear you are doing very good.

  6. I have to tell you that the pics in this post look like they were taken here in Enid, OK.

  7. Ok I would have gone crazy in that store with all of the plates. But I cook for an army even when there's just the four of us eating. It's a sickness. My father has it too... I just bought a bowl today that looks like an old Currier and Ives at the Goodwill.

    The dresses are beautiful. And I had to crack up at the reference of your thigh. Simply because I too know of what you speak!


  8. ONE DAY - ONE DAY ...I am going to go there for the day!

  9. Hi
    Love the pics especially the vintage frocks.

  10. Lol Kaleb has the same expression my youngest son Corey gets whenever I want to take a picture of him!! Oh wow, those black and white dishes certainly are unusual but very beautiful...not my style but I can still admire them:-) Now those colourful dishes are more my style...I would have spent a fortune in there! Yikes! I would have freaked at that spider display...UGH!!!! xox

  11. I enjoyed the tour via your photos! Looks like you all had fun.


  12. Hey gal, I just finished watching my new favorite show "Cane" and it is sickening to me really, to see all the wealth...I thought to myself while reading your post...those would probably be the servant dishes for them...*sticking my tongue at the Duquet familia* I mean they make the Ewings look cheap!!
    I can't help it...I still love the show, which was on last night but I DVR'd it...lol!

    Great catching up to you!

  13. Okay, that first picture just cracked me up. I can just picture what he said to you before you took the picture. Gotta love those funny kids! And I have never heard of Cath Kidston before I started to read Sophie's blog. Good pics!

  14. Kari, I was hoping for a fashion show with you in one of those vintage dresses.
    You could have been cinderella to the 6million peso man. It is Halloween after all.

  15. I always get such a good laugh from your posts...unless they aren't at all funny...I'm not sitting around laughing at you all the time, just the funny stuff! Got it?? Anyway, I do love your humour!! Thanks!!


  16. glad you are showing us more of Granbury. Would love to visit. I want one of each of the glassware.

  17. OOh I love Granbury...pleeeeuuuzzzz take me with you next time! I will be good. I promise. *fingers crossed* Well, unless you come to Ohio first!

    How cool to find a Sophie Honeysuckle
    endorsed Cath Kidston book! And all those vintage clothes...you did not think to model them for us?? Well! I nevah...

    And those dishes are all so cool. Now dearie, don'tcha know that you don't hafta cook to set a pretty table? I mean, we can not be expected to do it all can we?? I really do think we should all have in home chefs. Oh but I also want someone to clean and fold the laundry. I do not want much just those things..oh. And a weekly manicues and pedicure. And a massage done by Brian D.
    That's all.

    That spider web looks like the ones done in a town near here. My poor hair dresser has a shop on Main Street and the rest of the street is taken over every year by the Halloween stores. I say *poor* hairdresser because it all creeps her out and, believe me, there is A LOT! Spiders everywhere. I HATE SPIDERS!!! I know how you LOVE them...*evil grin*

    I am so glad you had fun with your family. There is nothing like it...and nothing makes you happier than aggravating the folks...no matter how old we are! HA!

    Now that I have written a book...I will go. Hey! I heard that "Thank God"!!!

    Sue, who is still laughing at the look on Kaleb's face. I have so seen that look before on Dan's face.

  18. Hahaha! LOVED your vision!
    There's so much stuff in that store~ masses....how can you find anything in all that?

  19. Glad you're back! Looks like you did some world-class shopping. Thanks for the nice comments. It's going to be my turn to have relatives next week!

  20. GREAT pictures!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!!

    And well...you gotta know I was a bit offended by that first photo. Cmon now! Show some love to your Texas fans.

    Good game, though, by Oklahoma last week. I felt like Texas would be beaten; just not playing up to snuff this year!

    And, besides, I got my #1 team tobe more concerned about these days. (Roll Tide!)

  21. okay, so when we make it out to Texas for our visit, you'll take me to Granbury? You do realize this means locking Uncle Wallace in the trunk...he's a spoil sport when it comes to me spending money. Yes, the trunk will be the perfect place for him...

  22. Hey, you shopping fan, you! Looks like you had a fun time with your family...all that shopping & all. Funny about the antique store that got offended at you taking pics. I mean, come on..it's all old stuff anyway. Who's going to copy that? I have told store owners before that I have a blog & will be doing some advertising for them. They don't usually give me any problem

    Have a good weekend, friend!


  23. I so enjoyed my day of shopping with you and I do love the black and white stoneware and would have loved to be there in person. What a fun day you had.

  24. Loved your pics, it's good to be home! Missed ya!

  25. What lovely shops & great things to buy.

    But the burning question is "Did you find any Christmas stuff"???

  26. Hello Kari, I came by to thank you for the sweet note you left at the back porch. You spoke my thoughts so eloquently..it means so much to me. I'll remember your sweet Conner and will keep your expected grandson in my thoughts an prayers.

    Xanti happens to be a fan of OU, also!

    I enjoyed this post very much and have given you the You Make Me Smile award.



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