Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Answer: A Crazy Chicken Dancing on a Hot Plate While Trapped in a Sauna

Question: A woman experiencing menopause in August resembles what particular animal engaged in what particular activity in what particular location?


  1. Hi!
    The Brighton perfume is Live. I am not sure if I like it or not! If I decide I don't want it, I will be happy to send it to you. Check it out tomorrow and let me know if you like it!

    I'm a little behind in the menopause thing. My husband and I are having a thermostat war...again! I am freezing and he is hot! (Welcome to our world!) He likes it 73 and I like it WAY warmer! ...sorry to ramble!

  2. I was doing that same dance today...I call them "hot surges"...sounds a little more...oh I don't know...mysterous maybe...anyhoo...I was working up at an Elementary School helping a friend get her classroom ready for all the little third graders on Monday...I swear it was a 1000 degrees in there...they had the A/C on...and we could hear it blowing...but sometimes...I think it was just the blower...the compressor only came on every once in a while(gotta save those school tax dollars!!) was hot...gotta remember the box fan if I have to go back...but luckily I think we got all we could get done today and yesterday...her room is all set...except for vacumning...and her getting her lessons plans together...yippee...I feel good about it...cos she will get to spend the weekend just hanging w/her family and not worrying about the classroom...she's a young her mid 30's and still has small children...8,5, and this is her first time back teaching since the 8 year old was born...I don't KNOW what this has to do w/my hot surges...I think maybe all that heat fried my brain...and I'm just slobbering, shuffling and mumblin about now!!


  3. I love those personal summers when i find myself starting to disrobe while still in the kitchen:> ooops

  4. Okay, I just spit soda all over the screen! Now I am laughing like crazy and I think I scared the cats! The dog just looked up and went back to sleep. Silly guy.

    Oh how bad it all was today. 100 degrees outside and 1000 degrees in me. : )

    I just posted a little something about menopause too. Great minds thinking alike and all huh?


  5. Oh, girlfriend...I can so identify with that photo!


  6. I can't wait till it's December and there is snow on the ground and in your yard we see all the snow angels you make just by walking by...take pictures, take lots of pictures...we have inquiring minds and they want visual confirmation!

  7. Something for me to look forward to! :D

  8. OK...were you, like, watching me or what?

  9. LOL!!!!
    Menopause is still a little ways away for me, but it's nice to know what I have to look forward to!!

  10. I just found a website called the 35 symptoms of menopause. I think I have all 35 :-) I was trying to make you a sign on that said No menopause allowed here but it wouldn't let me do it.


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