Friday, August 24, 2007

Decatur, Texas

This "glam" bedroom was in a display window there in Decatur. It's quite eye-catching, isn't it? Poor Randey. All he saw was PINK and since I was working on getting things together for my girly room, he thought we'd hit the jackpot. He just doesn't understand the difference between "glam" and "shabby chic". Although...I must say, those chandeliers would work well for me in any kind of room!
I loved this guy. But he wasn't for sale. "For Display Only". What the heck? I wanted to take him home!
Yeah, here's an outfit I could see me sportin' around in come Saturday night...NOT!
A sweet little bistro set.
Loved this wreath. Don't know what's up with the camera angle. Guess I can't walk, talk and snap a picture all at the same time, huh?


  1. Callllling Phill----il Mahrrrrr isss
    I would have wanted to take him home, too...I love the wreath, I'll bet it wouldn't be hard for you to make one!!!

  2. I really like that bistro set. This is a really cool place to shop.

  3. You would have had to wrestle me for that guy! He is too awesome! And I LOVE the bistro big bum would swamp the chair but I would look ever so elegant while doing it!



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