Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Glorious Granbury

Ahhhh, the shopping. Here's a few more pictures of some of the stores in Granbury. The top three pictures were taken in one store (can't remember the name of it, sorry!). They had tons of stuff to look at. I saw so much that reminded me of my Grandma. Things she actually used and things like what she used to wear. What a cool store. The bottom picture was taken in a "kitchen supply" type of store. I know. I really had no business being in that store. I saw things that I simply cannot imagine the use for. Nor do I care to. I did, however, discover a neat little do-dad to make my own seltzer water with. I already have a thing to make whipped cream like they have at Starbucks (you know what I'm talking about? Those stainless steel containers that you put C02 chargers in to "puff" up the heavy whipping cream...?) I love making whipped cream for lattes with that thing. And when you use the white chocolate syrup instead of the vanilla syrup, it ends up tasting like chocolate chip cookie dough. That is the best stuff. Hmmmm, hmmmmm. Oh wow - I've gotten off the subject quite a bit here. Let's go back...oh yeah, I found a thingy to make my own seltzer water and they sell the chargers there, too. I'm thinking these need to be on my Christmas list.... Other than the seltzer makers, I didn't recognize much else there in the kitchen store. At least, nothing that I felt an overwhelming need to add to my own personal kitchen. I enjoyed going through it, though. I pretended like I knew what everything was for, but I'm sure I didn't fool anyone. I'm almost positive I had a totally bewildered expression on my face when I looked at most things. What can I say? The kitchen is Not.My.Friend. I wouldn't even count it as an acquaintance if it didn't contain the fridge!

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