Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shopping Pictures from Granbury

More pictures of Granbury shops! These top two were taken from upstairs (duh), looking down into the main part of the store. I really like this particular store - I buy something everytime we go there. I'm really going to have to get a little bit better with remembering the names of these places, though....

How do you like the monkey queen here? Okay, somebody help me out...is this a character from Alice in Wonderland or something? It's seems like I should know who or what this is, but I don't. All I do know is, she was shiny and I'm like a freakin' seagull or something - I just seem to dive all over anything shiny that I see. Yeah, it's embarrassing. So?


  1. Kari, I'm still laughing at your seagull comment!! I'm exactly the same as you-over here we call it the 'magpie' effect!! Do you have many magpie birds over in the States?
    Now you're getting your own back, tempting me with all those fab pictures of the shops in Granbury!! I hope you do get to visit all the places you want to-especially the U.K. (Well, I would be biased!!!)
    Speak to you soon Seagull!!!

  2. Okay, where is this Granbury place? It looks like shopping heaven. My kind of place!!

  3. Thanks for adding me to your site. I am always happy to find a friend. I am the same way about coming back when I find some place I like. So you will prob. get sick of me too. hehe. Love the shopping you showed. Wish I could visit a place like that.

  4. The monkey queen is too cool. What awesome pictures and a neat looking place.

  5. Shame on you....now I want to go! Where is Granberry anyway???


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