Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Girly Room, Part Deux

This top picture is one I posted a couple of weeks ago showing the beginning of my "girly room".
Since then, I've added two lamps - one I already owned and one I bought in Granbury, another pillow, a vase with some fluffy flowers and a sweet little pink and white bear to sit on the bed. I've also hung an old shelf that used to hang in my grandparents bathroom. (The shelf is there on the right, above the lamp.) That shelf has great sentimental value to me. Back in the day, it was painted green. (I think my grandpa's mother must have gotten one heck of a sale on green paint because just about everything in that house was painted green at one time or another.) Anyway, I got the shelf years ago and painted it with a crackle finish. It went great in my house in Florida, but I never found the perfect spot here in this house. Until now. I think it looks perfect in my girly room. I have another shelf that's built similarly to that one. I was going to put it in a yard sale that I've been planning to have, but now I think I'll shabby it up a bit and hang it on the other side of the bed. Just as soon as I dig it out of the garage. I stuck it, along with those flowery plates I talked about before, in a giant box out there for the yard sale. Wish I hadn't done that. I keep thinking I'll start digging through that box and get attacked by a ginormous man eating spider. Would it be wrong if I sent one of my boys out there instead? Yeah. Probably. (Heavy sigh). Guess I'll have to get Randey to do it. lol


  1. Eww me likes. I never knew that a girly room would be appealing to me. How pretty!!

  2. You know, if you find an old iron bed, strip it down and sand it and spray paint it white...the dark wood bed is BEAUTIFUL, and I hate to paint wood...just close your eyes though and imagine a white iron bed...hmmmmm....enjoy your trip this weekend...hurry home
    Aunt Sandi

  3. PLEASE take me shopping...I'll let you watch my movie"The Christmas box" hehe.

  4. Looks great! No boys allowed in the girly room! :-)

  5. I just want to say that that is a very,very comfortable bed to sleep in. I felt like a princess,well anyway the old queen maybe with the old Thank you for very restful nights and wonderful days. just me again.luls
    ps love the new additions too. Cute

  6. This is so purty and girlie and sweet...but you watch out for those creepy crawly things. I have a few in my garage and I keep asking them to move. They rudely refuse so I may have to squash them. Yes, I said squash, like a bug. Which a spider is not, because of the leg What was I saying?

    OH! The room! IT really is a pretty and welcoming place!


  7. It's looking fabulous Kari!!! I bet you love it! You wait, the pink will start creeping everywhere in your home!!!


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