Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The You Lift Me Up Award

My wonderful, sweet Aunt Sandi has given me this award because, for some unknown reason, she seems to feel like I "lift her up". How crazy is that? Of the two of us, it's abundantly plain to anyone who knows us the slightest little bit that she's the one who does most of the "lifting" in our relationship! When I'm feeling down, she's the one telling me to pull myself together and press on. When I'm feeling goofy, she goes right along with it. When I'm feeling crazy, she just puts on her helmet and hangs on for the ride. And she thinks I'm lifting her up. I don't get it, but Aunt Sandi, I sure appreciate the thought of it. Thank you so very much! There are many others I would pass this award on to, but I have three people in particular that I would like to mention by name: Joan, over at Joan's Journeys, Susie Q at Rabbit Run Cottage and Tauna at TaunaLen. I don't have to explain to you guys why you lift me up, do I? You're all funny and kind and I love exchanging e-mails with you. I know that Kat at Just a Beach Kat and Sophie at Sophie Honeysuckle's English Decor' have already received this award, but if I could double award it, I would. Well, heck, why can't I? No reason that I can see, so yeah, I'm awarding both of you again! There are several more that I would like to name, but I'm afraid if I gave it to all 30 of you, you wouldn't believe that I meant it, you know? But in actual fact, all of you that I correspond with via blogs Lift Me Up! You validate that what I'm feeling is real and okay (even if it is sometimes way out there in right field). You make me feel like I'm not alone and probably most importantly, you let me feel like I can contribute something to someone at sometime. And isn't that we all want? To contribute to something worthwhile? All of you are so welcoming and giving and I thank you for being my bloggin' buddies. This has become such a big part of my life in such a short period of time. And I wouldn't change it for anything!


  1. Okay, how did you know I would be playing on the computer and not getting stuff done? Thanks so much for this really nice award. I don't have time to pass it on today but you are so right about the bloggin buddies part.Thanks!

  2. I'm so proud to be your Aunt, it makes me keep my helmet on tight...I love the ride!

  3. Congratulations on the award:-) We sometimes just don't realize how much we do help other people...I'm just starting to get to know you but I have to say that you make me smile and laugh and yes, lift up my spirits!! So see, you DO deserve this award! hehe xox

  4. Oh Kari...I was feelin' low tonight and then I saw this. See? You DO lift me uo. Thank you for this...if I ever make you feel better or smaile or, well, I am so proud. I am honored to have this, especially from you. You make my spirits soar.
    Now I am crying...*sniff* Phooey...
    Thank you sweetie...

    Love and hugs,

  5. Hey Kari congratulations on your award!!!! I have to say that you definitely deserve lift my spirits and make me smile and laugh every single day!

  6. Kari~ I've got you another picture for you to pick up... You lift me up!

  7. Kari...
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet and thoughtful comment concerning the loss of my brother. It meant the world to me...and so do you and your Auntie...she's a hoot...along with you...and I just love having you guys as blog buddies!

    On another note...your lifting up award is so very well deserved...girl you lift me up everyday...well...actually you just throw me right on the floor...laughing all the way till I hit ground! Your humor is the kind that just has me howling...then the dogs start circling...all the while I'm just flailing on the floor trying to catch my breath! Now...remember I am NOT...I repeat NOT laughing at you...I am so right THERE with know the kind of laugh where the person laughing is just down right know the laugh that you can't catch your are laughing so hard...that your mouth dries then your "big" ole (well, my big ole) lips get stuck on your upper dry that you actually look like a JackAss...if have ever seem a jackass laughing...and oh!! believe me it ain't pretty!!...seriously...I can be so disgustingly vile when I laugh...or for that matter cry...but honestly....I think I am uglier laughing than crying...AND isn't that just the weirdest thing...b/c people always tell you how much more pleasant and attractive you are when you are smiling OR laughing...WELL...I guess they have never seen me in an all out...knee slapping....gum flapping...dry mouth breathing...tears rolling down...falling on the floor...spasms abounding...good ole jackass lookin' laugh!! Now how's that image for ya?? Oh! and I think that's a record for me as far as saying Jackass...just had to throw that in one more time...cos know...donkey just doesn't have the same effect!!

    Thanks again...girl...for all your kind words. Glad we all have each other out be ourselves


  8. Ah Kari, I don't know what to say!!!! Well, yes I do of course!! First of all congrats on your award-I don't know why you're suprised to receive it, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you (except maybe your aunt lol-not trying to start up any family rivalry and/or vendettas now!!!!!-only joking you both EQUALLY deserve it!)And thank-you so much for giving it to me!! It really made my day! I'm feeling all awash with blog love at the moment lol!!!


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