Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heather's Having a Birthday Giveaway!

Guess who's having a birthday today? I know, a lot of birthday stuff has been on my blog this month, but this time, it's not me or mine who's celebrating. Heather over at Splaneyo is turning ....well, let's just say she's younger than me by a long shot so what difference does the actual number make anyway, right? Miss Heather, when not accusing her mother of posting Rose Porn on her blog at Greenie Gardens, can usually be found baking the most fantastic looking cakes or decorating a lovely home or caring for 3 of the most adorable little children on the planet. And, seeing as how she's blessed with a sweet and generous nature, has decided to celebrate her birthday in the best way possible. She's giving something away! And look what it is? You get your choice of one of these purses:

You know, I would say, don't even bother to enter because that bottom purse has given every indication that it has chosen me to win, but the fact is, I just don't win contests. It's not how things work for me. So...since I'm obviousy not going to be the lucky one, I'd like to see everybody and their mother enter this just to make the competition between all of you a little more fierce. How's that for being the polar opposite of Heather? lol So get yourselves over to Heather's blog and enter to win! (And really, who am I kidding? I know I never, ever win...but a part of me is sitting here saying "I hope I win, I hope I win" over and over to myself!)


  1. I went over and wished her a Happy Birthday then went to her mother's blog and admired her red daughter has red hair and I'm partial too it ;)

    I hope you win...there is nothing like winning a blog gifty!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the wonderful give-a-way! Do you realize how cute that red purse is going to look with all my winter outfits...oh! I can't wait...and after I've worn that purse in really, really well...I'll pass it on to you...aren't I just the most giving soul you EVER wanted to meet....yes..I'm in one of those sarcastic kind of moods today...shoot...make that everyday!!

    By the your new the RED DOOR...I had a red door at my last home...I painted it Red in the early 80's when not very many people were turned on to red...mostly folks were doing the blue or green...I was so excited to get that red on my took me several trys to find just the right color...b/c well...honestly the first 2 reds I tried...screamed for me to put a "red" light out along with that had to be changed...pronto...but I finally arrived at the right color...loved it so much...I painted a "found" garbage treasure in someones trash, it was an old bench..that I ended up using on my front porch! Yes...I've been a dumpster diver for quite a while funny...the first time I found something in someones trash...I went to there door and asked if they minded if I took their trash? I don't know why I thought I had to do that...but it always makes me feel better...something about politeness and manners that were hammered into my head as a youngster! have to get out really early to beat the other DD's...but I do tend to stick to garage sales, estate sales, and such...but Katy bar the door if I see something along the side of the road...that needs "gettin"! And your RED rocks...I love it...can you share your RED secret???

    Thanks again...I'll send you pictures of the purse with one of my winter outfits when I get it in the mail...oh! and that winter outfit will most likely be black fleece pants, white tee and black and teal jacket or vest...with running shoes...that's my winter uniform!!


  3. Ooooh who doesn't enjoy a giveaway!! hehe Those purses are fabulous and who knows, you may just win...I know if that happens I'll hear you screaming all the way from Canada, right? lol Good luck! xox

  4. Dear Kari, That was so nice of you to put all those nice things about Heather on your blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you win the purse. By the way I agree with the other comment on your great red door. I really like it!

  5. I went to say Happy Birthday to her yesterday but I decided to let other people to win this time. I have been having way too much luck lately, LOL
    I am so happy with my new ornaments from you!!!
    Congratulations on your newest award! You lift us up, you put a smile in our faces!


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