Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Plagiarizing Sally Field (Old School Style) and am Happy to Do It!

Okay, ya'll are not going to believe this, but Sandi over at Whistlestop Cafe Cooking has given me another "You Lift Me Up" award! I don't even know what to say! I mean, I'm not speechless, for pity's sake. You'd probably have to cut my tongue out for that to happen, but I am in quite the flutter. First, my Aunt Sandi (who created this wonderful award) graces me with it and now Sandi does. I feel like there may be a slight chance that Sandi's husband Bill has encouraged her to give me this award out of pity (this harps back to the infamous "no comment" comment from Sandi that almost sent me into therapy. Or should I say even more therapy.) But I prefer to think it's not out of pity, but out of love. :) The inside of my head sounds like a replay of that famous Sally Field Oscar, not the most recent Emmy moment. I'm talking about the one from years ago, at the Oscars. Remember it? "You like me! You really like me!" It's obvious I'm getting a wicked case of The Big Head if I'm starting to channel those crazy actor types. I fully expect my Aunt Sandi to smack me back down to earth tomorrow and she'll be right to do it. She'll say something along the lines of "Do you want me to call your mama and tell her you've gone Hollywood?" and I'll say "No, ma'am" and will start down my path to humbleness with all due haste. But in the meantime, You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!! Thank you so much, Sandi. This means an awful lot to me!


  1. Girl glad you stopped by. I was about to come looking for you lol.
    Love Salavation Army. All these rich folks around here bring stuff. Went again today and racked up again.
    The clothes here are nice. April(my daughter)is skinny and racks up. Not many fatties here.

  2. I just re-checked my blog and noticed the other comments you left about my're so smart...but so devilshly bad! lol..."he's hot...oh...and his wife is lovely, too"...that cracked me up! And your star wars name Hayka...sounds more like a Japanese poem...I mean...honestly Haiku...Hayka...sounds the same to me...but then again...I guess I can see where the Norweigan comes in...NOT!! lol

    You just keep leaving those crazy comments...and I'll just keep sending you mine...yours are a highlight of my day...really...hubbin has been doing way too much traveling...and the DOGS are ticked at me for kenneling them when I went to they aren't speaking to me right now! more spa days for Maggie!

    Oh...and you're so right about the unbelievable sadness of the story on my daughters former homeowner...I just couldn't believe heart aches for the mother...the worst part is...she and her daughter bought that house about 4 or 5 years ago...after the ladies husband DIED...yes...the girl that died...lost her dad when she was about 12 or so...they bought that house to down-size...then last year the mom re-married so they decided to buy their own home...and have a fresh start as a new family...that is just about the saddest thing I can heart really does break for the have lost 2 of the dearest people in her the past few unbelievable...Thanks again...for your kind words...


  3. hi!my name's su-quinn and u don't know me but i just came about your blog one day and i find it interesting and i've been reading it ever since....i would like to ask,how did u did that header of yours?mind teaching me plz...

  4. Love your blog! May I add you to my list of Inspiring People and Places? I think you are someone I'd like to visit more reguarly.

  5. Love the new banner! I'm glad everyone is decorating their blogs for Fall. Since my house won't be decorated due to my "Decorate Challenge" disease I can at least look at all the beautiful Fall blogs.

    Congrats on the award! You really do deserve this one. Your comments lift me up all the time.

  6. LOVE your door/wreath header! It's so PRETTY!
    You're right... I like you, I really like you!
    Have a happy Thursday Kari.

  7. Consider yourself head slapped...the back of it...hard...Sally Fields thing you 'll be thinking you can fly...

  8. Of course we like you! What's not to like?
    You make me smile every day that is for sure.
    Pss~ Bill really is a figment of my imagination.


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