Thursday, September 20, 2007

Answers to Some Comments

Have you ever wanted to write an advice column? I used to think I did. Now I know better. If someone asks me for advice these days, I usually freeze up and say "My advice is...Life's tough. Get a helmet". Apparently, that isn't as comforting to hear as perhaps one intended it to be. And what does that have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing. That blathering was totally random and I have no idea where it came from. So let's move on, shall we? This here is a "I'm Gonna Answer a Bunch of Comments at One Time" column, has nothing to do with advice and, have no fear, will not be a recurring feature. Although, that's not to say I won't ever do it again, I just mean I won't torture you needlessly with doing it on a regular basis. I hope. Anywho, here goes:
I've received several comments regarding my new wreath banner/header. A) Thank you for you compliments. I'm pretty darn happy with it, too. B) All the credit, other than the actual photography, should go to
Joan at Joan's Journeys. She's the one who told me how to do it. Here's what she told me to do... Find a picture on your computer that you want to use. Now you have to change the dimensions on that photo. To do that, right click on the picture. This will bring up a menu and, on that menu, click the "edit" button. This will take the photo to a program called "paint". Click on the "image" button. This will pull down another menu. Click on "attributes". You must change the numbers shown in the "width" and "height" fields. Joan originally changed her numbers to width 718 and height 388. These numbers didn't work quite right for me (I have no idea why) so I used
630 width and 472 height. After changing the numbers, I clicked on "file" and "save picture as", gave the photo a name and put it in a folder that I use for blog pictures. Then I went back to my blog and, in the upper right corner, clicked on "customize". From there, I clicked on "template" and then "header". There, I added the picture and voila', it worked! Then I went back to "template" and into "fonts and colors" and changed the "blog title color" to the color I wanted.
Next, Joan is also the one who taught me to do links showing a person's name or even just a word without having to type out an entire web address. I would love to relay that information to you, but blogger doesn't seem to like the directions typed out in a post because it keeps converting the instructions to weird things when I go to view it. Joan explained it so well to me and I sure wish I'd saved the e-mail she sent me. Her directions were much clearer than the ones I was trying to give anyway. But if I'd saved her e-mail, then I could just forward it to anybody who asked. Which brings me to another point: those of you who do not have your e-mail enabled! Do you know how hard it is for a blogger to reply to something you've said in a comment on their blog if you don't have your e-mail enabled? It means that for anyone to respond to you, they have to go back and post their reply on one of your posts and if your post has nothing to do with the comment they're responding to, well they end up sounding like a goober and who, besides me, will make a habit out of sounding like a goober? Hardly anyone! So for Pete's sake, go to Edit Profile" from your dashboard and check the "Show my e-mail address" box! Or live forever wondering if you're being ignored by people all over Blogland!
Now I'm moving on to an actual question that I'd like to ask. Is there some sort of Blogging Etiquette that dictates you should ask a person before you add their blog to your list of favorites? I've had people ask me if it was okay for them to add me (which I love and adore! lol) but then it leads me to wonder if I should have been asking all those out there who are on my list of favorites if it was okay before I put them on my list. Anybody know? I mean, if I was supposed to ask, well's a little late, I didn't ask, I'm writhing in shame, etc., etc., etc. Sorry to anyone I offended!! And if you don't have to ask, well...whew! Saved from the knowledge that I've committed faux pas upon faux pas since my entry into the Land of Blogging. And just one more thing before I'm in the heck do you guys do the signature thing at the bottom of your posts? Kat has a signature thingy, Annie has a signature thingy, Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes has a signature thingy - come on guys! Share the love - and the instructions - on how to do that! Please? Pretty please? I'm obviously not above begging. I'm just not sure if I should have to. Fine. I'm begging. Down on my knees, pleading pitifully, whimpering even. Please, share your knowledge 'ye young wise ones!
And remember people, in the immortal words of somebody whose name I can't remember..."Life's tough. Get a helmet". (I just love saying that. Have no idea why.)


  1. I have never asked anyone if I can add their blog to my list of favorites. I've never been asked if my blog can be listed on theirs either - so No - I don't think you have to ask.

    I also want to know how Kat does the signature thingy so when you find out - Let me know!

    I also want to know how people write their posts and then cross out certain words - how do they do that? I tried writing a post in Word and then cut and paste it into the post thing and all my crossed out words were uncrossed.

    did that make sense?

  2. gysgal@sbcglobal.netSeptember 20, 2007 at 2:32 PM

    Thanks for the picture info--I am soooo bad at technology & so envious when I see other blogs---
    But you brought up the "E" word--etiquette!!! Now I'm feeling all guilty--really, I'm not a nut, pervert, stalker!! I just like people & reading about them & want to share -- so I'm sorry too you guys.
    You really make me smile Kari!!!

  3. You are so adorable!

    No, you don't have to ask first - (about linking someone's blog) some do, some don't. Some times I get asked when the reader is "introducing" themselves in an email, but not often. It is however YOU want to handle it. No worries! :-)


  4. Okay, I read the directions of how to do all that for the banner and then wandered off and got a cup of coffee and came back and the computer had closed down and I forgot what I was doing, rebooted and went on to pogo and was playing Phlinx (hey, it's all about shooting, I felt a need to shoot) then remembered what it was I was looking at, read the directions again and guess what? I don't know what the hell I'm doing, so I'll just leave it to your cousin to change my banner when I feel the need...and if I wrote my signature, no one would know who I am, my handwriting is ya
    Aunt Sandi

  5. I'll make you a siggy too! I made Kat's and Michelle's. Just email me and tell me what you want it to look like and I'll email it to you with directions on how to load it.

  6. I so love your new Autumn banner...gorgeous!! I have made my own signature at the bottom of my post by using this web site:

    Here's one I made for you using that web site..

    Just copy and paste that code, put it in your address bar and it will show it to you:-)

  7. Darn it, it's not showing the whole code on my previous comment...let me try again...

  8. How about I just email it to you! lol

  9. Thanks've answered several of my questions in your post today...ummm...hold on...a sec! Geez...I'm having so much trouble with my helmet strap today...I think I put it on too.....tight...whew...ok...better!

    I too have often wondered if I am suppose to ask said blogger if I can add said bloggers site to my list of favorites...I usually just add them...and then post that I enjoy their site and have added them to my be followed with the obligatory..."hope that's allright?" good...I don't think I've managed to tick too many bloggers off!

    Oh and thanks for the new heading information...b/c honestly I don't know how in the SAM HILL I was able to post my header (it's certainly obvious I knew nothing about how to change the size...b/c honestly mine is the size of a billboard!!) it just happened one day while I was fiddling around with all this blogger basically...I've left it alone mainly because... 1) well I rather like having my girls close by 2) I don't know how I did it in the first place and 3) I've been afraid if I tried to change something I would loose it...never to get it back again! So WHEW! Now that you have explained how to do that...I'll probably leave mine just like it is for a while...b/c THAT sounds HARD!! But, I will copy the instructions for a later day...when my helmet isn't so tight!

    I also, am with Karolee on learning how to cross out words...I have NO idea how anyone gets that done! That is something I think I would get a lot of use out of...I rather like thinking I can obliterate something with the push of a button! I also want to know how to sign my name...just like all the fun bloggers...but not so realisticly that someone could copy my famous autograph and then forge numerous documents...thus running around pretending to be me...geez...the world can only handle ONE me!

    Oh...and when Joan gets back...I'm getting her to email me how to do the whole thing with highlighting someones name to go to their site...thingy! That poor gal is probably going to be deluged with emails asking for help! I think if I had this one skill it would up my status greatly in blog land...just imagine how computer savy I could look knowing this! What a power-trip I would be on...seriously...there would be no living with me! Good thing hubbin travels a bit these days...there wouldn't be room in this house for both our big heads!!

    Thanks for the lessons in life today...and your blog tutorial...and Miss Manners question of the day...all things that everyone should know to cut the mustard in this world of blogging! YOU MY FRIEND are a constant source of laughter and humor in my life...thanks!


  10. Kari, I'm enjoying your are TOO funny, girl! No, you don't need to ask permission to do a link to someone's blog...they will be flattered you did, believe me.

    The strike through thing is done with html code & someone told me what it is, but I can't remember it right now. I think it's something like..strike at the beginning of the word or phrase and the same at the end (it won't take my symbols here). There are a couple of ways to do it. I need to practice that myself.

    I need to do a signature too..I love the way Kat's looks!

    Keep being funny! I always want to be funny, but you've got it!


  11. OOh Kari-you've just made me laugh reading your new 'Leave your comment' comment! Have you had any ugly, nasty comments? Or is it just me who's had the pleasure of some left on my blog lol? Obviously I'm more deserving of them than you lol!!!
    But this was a great post-I'm going to try out all your ideas! Although, and I'm being really thick, I still don't really get what it means when you 'enable' your emails? Doesn't that mean that anyone then has access to your email address (I am being paranoid here, and worrying unnecessarily about weird cyberstalkers lol!!!)? And by the way, I totally agree with you about the weirdly appealing allure of Laurence LB!!! It couldn't have been those leather pants though lol!!!

  12. Thank you to Joan for teaching you so much!!!
    I have been doing it myself and I think I am doing good too.
    You are awesome and are doing GREAT!!!!

  13. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

    I love it when Bloggers help others!! I've needed to know this banner business for a while!! All I knew how to do was place a background in the header...but I so much needed this information in plain English...not the geek stuff...a geek I'm not...

    So thank you!!!

    When I first started blogging I committed all kinds of faux pas...only naturally...there are no WRITTEN RULES per say!! I just try now to do unto others what I would like done unto me...I actually picked up on a gal through my site meter that had me linked as a "friend"...she had never communicated with me at all and when I commented and made note of my name in the links and kind of introduced myself...well then she never came back...NOW THAT IS RUDE!!

    If you have a regular communication I don't think it is rude to link at all!

    The bane of my blogging existence right those that don't have their email enabled so YOU go Gal!

    They will ask a question in comments...the email comes to me...I type a long discourse...hit send...only to have it come back as a mailer deamon...grrrrr with a capital G!!!

    Now I feel better...thank you again for letting me vent ;)

  14. You could tell them to put on their big girl panties and deal with it. That one cracks me up...especially when you say it to a guy :)

  15. I think its fine that you put anyone you want on your list... it's pretty common knowledge that if you dont want anyone to see it, you shouldnt put it out here! I have asked some, but others I havent. After all, just think about how many people Alicia at Posy Gets Cozy would have to reply to to approve being put on thier lists.

  16. Love your new header and your signature! Lookin' good!


  17. Hi Kari - I am just catching up on your blog as I haven't been reading blogs much lately. Makes me feel very deprived when I have too much else to do. I love all your posts and you actually make me laugh out loud which can be disturbing to others, particularly when I try and explain exactly what it is that has made me hysterical! I'm with everyone else - people create public blogs to connect so I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't be thrilled that someone wants to show a link to their blog (unless I guess you find their blog offensive). Anyway as a result of reading pea's comments I have now added a simple little signature at the end of my posts so I am feeling quite pleased with myself. I also happened across
    which was a very helpful site. Cheers and thanks for being such a great blogger!

  18. LOL, I was one of those email blockers.........and didn't even know it. ;)

    I don't ask when I add someones blog to my list.

    And I love your new header, background and signature thingy. Pretty pretty!!!


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