Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Signature Thingy!

Annie, it worked!!! How cool is this? Annie apparently knows me well enough to know that I needed explicit directions because after she created this signature thingy, she e-mailed it and step by step directions on how to load it. lol That woman knows a Village Idiot when she's dealing with one! Thank you so much for doing this. Look everyone! It's Kari with Christmas garland!!!

post signature


  1. Ain't it great when something finally comes together??

    I stewed over this particular thing for months...finally...I got it...mine is not quite so fancy but it'll do ;)

  2. Like the signature Ok I will have to give in and agree Christmas is coming!

  3. Hi Kari,
    I think you would be just brilliant at writing an advice column.You certainly helped me.
    Things are back on an even keel again and I'm feeling better.
    I think my husband will look like Randey in ten or so years,I think they look kind of similar.
    I hope your weather is turning cooler at last.
    My uncle used to be head peanut at General Motors and he's now living in the country and he says the summers are a killer.
    Big hug to you,Kat xxx

  4. Wow... you got a cool signature! It looks great & now all of us without one will be so jealous of you!

    I have to say that I truly enjoy reading your blog. Even if I don't always comment, I do come by everyday. You would be a great giver of advice.....menopause may have made you a bit more did me, so I'm sure you would tell it like it is with your special twist of wit.

    Love your banner too.


  5. Oooh it's gorgeous and so you:-) Annie does wonderful work with the signatures...I need to learn how to do them that way too! lol You're more than welcome for the link I gave you for was the only web site I found that had an easy way of making the signatures:-) xox

  6. WAAAAAaaaaahhhhh.....I want a signature, too (I'm pouting AND pounding my fist...don't I sound mature?) pathetic does THAT sound? Well, I do...I'm going to have to figure this out...or pay someone to do it for me....nah...that would take the fun right out of it!!

    Glad you got your signature up and the Christmas garland...I'm used Christmas garland...I had no idea how much that holiday means to you...I'm looking for a picture of Dino...then I'll add're gonna be so-oooo jealous when I do...

    Oh...and I'm not sure about my crazy computer...I am enabled (well maybe I just think I am) anyhoo...I set my account up so I can receive emails...and I do...but when I try to click on anybody elses email won't let me...and I don't THINK everybody I know in blogland is not enabled....crazy has so many virus scans and's a wonder I can even type on it w/o the letter "S" reaching up and slapping my hand!


  7. Marvelous!

    And me too... I need step-by-step instructions. Which I then have to write down, in my computer notebook. And refer back to for a long time. Till it finally gets imprinted in my mind. ,-)


  8. Can you send me the directions? I am so slow and goofy about techy things.

  9. How cute is that!! That's really cool. Now, hmmmmm, wonder if I should get of those too. ;) gotta keep up with the Jones' ya know. ;)

  10. Hey, I want instructions too. I got one made from the post someone left linking to the signature place..but, I can't figure out how to permanently paste it into my blog posts! HELP us...I'd like to add one to mine too. Please share, we know you will.


  11. Love it! Very cool. Annie is the best!



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