Friday, September 21, 2007

Paying Forward this Beautiful Award

It's time (or passed time, to be more accurate!), for me to forward this particular You Lift Me Up award to a few people. First to Teresa. You lift me up with your funny comments and your great posts (which are entirely too few and far between, I might add! Can't. Get. Enough. of. Them!!!). Way back when she posted about trying to get her dog "a date"...that was just funny stuff. And you should see the flowers she does for weddings. Seriously spectacular. Yessir. Also, I would like to forward this to Annie. I suspect that most of ya'll already know Annie, so I probably don't even have to explain my reasons. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with her, listen up. Annie displays a faith and determination that will lift you up like nothing in this world can. She has the most single-minded belief that all will work out the way God intends it to. Fear, doubt, anxiety? Not Annie. Those emotions come to her and she shows them the door. I admire her greatly and marvel at her ability to always look up and forward! Oh and she's got kids that look like they came straight out of some Renaissance paintings (i.e, they are perfectly gorgeous!) and she made my signature thingy. Sure, you're thinking that the signature thingy doesn't really compare to the gorgeous children, and you're right about that. Please note, I did mention the children first. My priorities are in order, don't you worry. Next, I would like to forward this award to Stephanie because first of all, she's such a nice person. Her posts are lovely and her personality just shines through. And second of all, because she posts Rose Porn. I'm not making this up. Ask her daughter. She's the one who named it that. And speaking of Stephanie's daughter, I would also like to forward this award to her. Her name is Heather and she is something else! Head on over to her blog, look at the pictures of her kids and then tell me you don't feel like your spirits have been lifted. These are beautiful, beautiful children. Between her kids and Annie's kids...well let's just say these children are truly "the beautiful people" you hear so much talk about. And Heather is...let's see now...sweet isn't the right word. But neither is sarcastic, although that might actually come a little closer. lol No, she's somewhere in between, which I consider to be the perfect combination. I like a little sarcasm mixed in with sweetness, thankyouverymuch. It's how I roll. It's how all of us should roll. Or maybe not. That might get confusing.... And, by the way, another reminder...Heather is hosting a giveaway in honor of her 37th (snicker, snicker) birthday. Click on the word "giveaway" and you'll, A) see why I'm snickering and, B) see what she's giving away. It's one of those giveaways that has me stomping my feet saying "I want it. I want it now". So while I'm encouraging all of you to enter, I'd just as soon you entered under my name. Just kidding. Gosh. Don't be so literal. Or uptight. Or downright snippety. If you don't want to enter under my name, then fine. 'Course, should you win, you'll probably never be able to enjoy your prize without thinking of how you robbed me blind and left me crying my eyes out in the dust. Well, you might be able to enjoy it. It is a great prize. But still...ya'll let your conscience be your guide, okie-dokey?

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  1. Those bags are great. Hope you are feeling good today you sound like you are.

  2. I don't know if I told you congrats when you got this award...could be menopause memory...argg...well anyhow congratulations...and congrats to all you chose...I'll be back later to check them out.

  3. I just get the feeling there's never a dull moment in your brain...!

    "rose porn" ~ what a lovely idea! I don't know what it means, but I like that one, already!

  4. Love, love, love the new signature thingy! And thanks for helping me get mine working! Now I need to find just that perfect signature - another excuse to procratinate housework! Yeah!

    Congrats to you and all your nominees on the award. One of these days I'll click on their links and find out just what Rose Porn is all about. :)

  5. OK OK I'll GIVE you the bag if I win it!! SHEESH woman!!!! ROFL!!! I don't know any of the bloggers you passed the award to but I'll have to check out their links and say congratulations to them:-) xox

  6. Well, you must be my new bff! You know the way to a mother's heart! :o)
    Thanks for the award Kari, you are such a sweetie!

  7. I want a signature thingy and I tried the header but those numbers didn't work for me

  8. Kari...
    Thanks for this sweet award...not sure I'm deserving of it lately, though...with all the downer post I've been posting.

    So, I was wondering...does this award kind of make me like an underwire bra...the Playtex know the one...the one that lifts...AND separates...just wondering...cos I can always use a new bra! Did I ever tell you I hate bra's...I refuse to wear them at home...I know disgusting...I do wear it when folks come over that's good!...I just find them so uncomfortable and the older I get and the further into menopause I am...I just about scream when I have to wear one...CRAZY!!! I'm always on the hunt for one I will like, one that doesn't drive me bonkers...or pinch, or ride, or make me HOT...oh wait...maybe that's the M speaking!...Don't know if "bra" talk is all that advisable or appropriate on a blog...but hey...I figure if we've run the gamut on menopause...surely a little..."lift & separate" can't hurt! Right???

    So...I need to pass this along to some other great gals out there that lift & separate...then we can re-name this wonderful award the "Support Group"...j/k!

    Thanks again...I really appreciate you thinking of me...and I ALWAYS appreciate your humor...and your honesty! It is priceless!


  9. Kari,
    As I have said before you are awesome and very deserving of the award. Me, not so sure, but I do appreciate it.


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