Friday, September 21, 2007

The day started out so well....

And now I feel about like he looks:all hairy, huge and grumpy. The morning went just fine...a little blogging, a little piddling around the house, hanging a picture or two, planning out the way I'm going to rearrange the bedroom tomorrow. Yeah. Just fine. And then the phone rang. I really, really, really can't tell you how much I dislike the telephone. I've talked about it before but I don't think I can ever really express my true views on that annoying little device. Anywho, the phone call was from my daughter's boyfriend. Which really ticks me off. Why? Because I think if my daughter feels like I need some information pertaining to her life, she should call me herself. For reasons too many and too personal to mention, my daughter and I don't have a good relationship and some days, I despair that we ever will. I don't blog about that because it truly is too painful to put out there. And since it is too painful, I'll not say what the phone call was about, other than to say it signaled the end of my happy-go-lucky day, that's for sure. Next, a couple of other things happened that were totally unrelated to my daughter or anything else for that matter, but I allowed myself to get more and more aggravated with each passing irritation. And then, just to make sure I knew where I stood today, my appointment with the hair dresser did not go as it should have. You see, I make an appointment when I want to get my hair done. Why? Because I like to get in there, get the hair stuff done, and get the heck out. So having made my appointment at least a week in advance, I then arrive for my appointment today, as scheduled. Actually, I was even 5 minutes early. I took a seat and proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, someone comes to tell me that my hairdresser is running late. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And then, after having sat there for 25 minutes, she came back to tell me that my hairdresser was almost done. It would probably be just another 10 minutes. Uh-huh. So. Somebody tell me again why we make appointments? I can understand a few minutes running late. Really I can. But apparently, my hairdresser was cutting the hair of an entire family. Literally. At least 3 people were in there getting their hair cut. Now the way I see it, either she overbooked herself and didn't give enough time for each person, or she took walk-in clients without checking to see when her next appointment was. Either way, her appointment (aka ME) was left waiting. I refuse to wait at a doctor's office for longer than 15 minutes these days. Maybe it's the menopause that makes me so arrogant about it, but I figure that if I manage to be on time for my appointment, so should the person I'm making the appointment with. Yeah. Maybe I'm unreasonable. I. don't. care. I. DO. NOT. CARE. ONE. LITTLE. IOTA. Because, despite the fact that I am a mere stay at home mom with nothing but scads of time on my hands and nowhere important to go, I still value my time just as much as the next person values theirs. Therefore, I declined to wait another moment just to have my hair done. I was quite nice about it. Honestly. But I said that I wasn't happy with my appointment being voided, basically. So now here I sit. Hair looking like Chewbacca's. Attitude a lot like his, too. Yep, that's me. Hairy. Huge. Grumpy.

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  1. I just want to let you know I love you Sissy!! I hope your day gets better!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, nothing makes me madder than having to wait like that!!! I don't blame you one bit.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind comments! Looking forward to visiting with you again soon,

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Sandi at Whistlestop...darn her...she's quicker than I am... I was going to post...

    Yea...but your signature looks great!!

    Hope your day gets better...and just pull your hair back in a clip...and call it a'll look lovely no matter what...but I do get those hair days...and the whole waiting thing...I usually just sit and wait...I'm so darn NICE...hehehehe...but my husband is usually always on time and doesn't like to wait more than 15 or 20 minutes...he has even left a couple of doc appts. b/c of the long wait...he usually gives them a couple of chances but if he had to wait EVERY time he goes in...he'll just tell the receptionist in the nicest most genuinelly southern gentlemans way...that his time is as valuable as the docs...and that when the doc has some free time...maybe he can re-schedule! AND then he LEAVES...what a ballsy guy he is!!

    Be better...


  4. Good on you You shouldn't have to wait when you have an appointment but I'm sure you are not really hairy

  5. I HATE waiting too. Especially when you have made the appointment and arrived early. Wonder what would happen if we started billing for OUR time!!!! That's a good idea--let's do that. And I might just start letting them know in advance that if I don't have 24 hours notice they'll be running late, I'll charge for the entire day!! ha ha ha

    Hey I think Chewy is cute--Just think, you wouldn't have to wear makeup anymore!! And no wrinkles would show--maybe there's something here too---

    Maybe I should just stop! It's obvious that I'm loony from the workweek!!!


  6. Oh Girl! My day can top your day, hands down. Enough about me though.

    I hate having to wait too. It's just so rude. I don't blame you at all. I hope her hairdresser at least calls you and apologizes. Maybe she should give you a free cut. Hey, stranger things have happened.

    Hope your night is better.


  7. I hate a ringing telephone tooooo! It's ok if I choose to call someone, who is _expecting_ and _wants_ my call, right that minute. But someone just ringing in, any ol' time... well it's like pounding on my door.

    And so I make a lot of use of the answering machine. But! Then you know you're _supposed_ to call people back. Ding-dang-it! I don't like calling people back. I only want to use the ding-dang-phone when I want to use it. Bahhhhhhhhhhh... Can't the world get on my plan?!?!?!?

    Hehhhhh.... There! That felt good! Thank you for the opp to vent.

    But sorry about all the other crapola which hit you today. Things do just seem to build, don't they? And bits more of our patience go out the window, with each. -sigh-

    Annnnnd, as if I haven't wailed enough in your blog, next freakin' Wednesday is the Full Moon!!!!!!! Eeek! Help!! Where is my hole and my rock to pull in over me?!?


  8. said you don't wait at the doctors office more than 15 do you go about that...they collect my co-pay from me as soon as I walk in the you get that back??
    I'm just askin'?

    I've written many a post about beauty shop woes...even was inspired to make up a nice little story once.

    I hope the rest of your day goes better!

  9. I'm with you on the waiting bit. My doctor's office makes me wait all the time -- I swear next month when I go, I'm giving them 15 minutes and I'm out of there. Why do we make appts if they don't really mean it :)

  10. I hate that. I walked back one time and in front of the client told her to go reschedule me. That person got up out of the chair and let me have my turn. I'm mean like that sometimes...

  11. I'm sorry your day went downhill Kari. I'll be praying for you and your daughter. God works in ways that we can't see, I'll pray that he works in your relationship!
    I get aggravated waiting too, last time I went for my haircut I sit there forever while she kept running around talking to everyone. It was all I could do to keep my smile plastered on my face! :o).

  12. sat there forever, not sit there forever. I'm trying to do too many things at once and my brain is having trouble keeping up ...

  13. Oh goodness, I thought I was the only impatient one out there. I totally agree, what's the flipp'n point in making appointments if you don't get seen on time. Doctor's offices are THE worse for me. So so so annoying.

    *Lord, please grant me patience......and send a little to Kari too* ;)

  14. I hate it when a good day turns out bad. Sorry that had to happen to you.

    It's time to get out the Star Wars theme song CD (I know you have one - my boys do and if you are the geek you say you are I KNOW you must have it), crank it up and give out your best Chewy Primal scream. It's in there - I know it is!

  15. I HATE that! It is totally rude. Did you tell her about the big tip she missed by making you wait??

    I am like you about the dr too. I ask right up front, is she running on time or late because I have things to do and I can reschedule if she is running behind. I have been going to the same doc for 15 years and the receptionists know I mean business. I love my doc and she knows it is better to reschedule with me than to make me wait. My temper tantrums ain't pretty! :)

    Hope Saturday is a new day and holds lots of lovely surprises for you!

  16. Good for you Kari!! That's exactly what I would have wanted to do (but probably, pathetically I would have just sat there!!)-it's so rude like you say! Bet she was just squeezing in extra people like you say, and it took longer than expected! So I admire you for standing up for yourself!! Sorry to hear about the other unwelcome news of your day too-that's all you needed! If it's any consolation my older sister and my mum went through a really bad patch for a good few years where they just totally clashed-maybe they were too alike! But through time it's worked out-maybe it will for you two too. To cheer yourself up, I recommend some online shopping-have you looked at all the decorations on the Bayberry cove website Kari? Well, it works for me, whenever I'm out of sorts I shop (but not grocery shopping)

  17. I'm with you Kari - I value promptness - I am always on time & don't appreciate it when I am kept waiting either.

    I'm sorry about the situation with your daughter - hopefully your relationship will improve over time.

    Oh - and Kari....over here "piddling" is what puppies do on carpets! ;-)

  18. Ohhh Darlin', I know Michael and Des are related...don't ask, I just know...but it's bound to get better, and since I know better than to phone YOU, I'll just wait for MY phone to's that, be waiting a long time, did you say? I don't think I like your attitude little girl...oh, sorry, was channeling my mother...yes, it's new hairdresser time. I have had six in the past three years and I always let my new one know which number she is so she can see my point of view. I would loan you Miranda (#6) but I still like her, she hasn't done anything to piss me off yet...anywhooo, hopefully today will be much better after a good night's sleep...I am wishing you a good night's sleep, get it? Just listen to Frankie and Dino, you'll perk up...I Love you...Aunt Sandi

  19. By the way,oh USQOC, check out what I've added to the top of my blog!

  20. You may be hairy and grumpy but ---your're 100% right. John's last checkup at the doctor's office took 3 hours 2 and 3/4's of it was waiting. I hate waiting! If they have your phone number they need to use it and either reschedule or rebook the appointment. It's rude and disrespectful to let anyone wait unless it's an emergency. Now I feel better! Thanks for letting me rant. Stephanie

  21. Hi Kari- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so with you on the haircut thing. Last time I thought I'd be smart and get the first appointment of the day...9:00am on a Saturday. I have three kids/husband, etc. and I got there and the single/no kids hairdresser was "running late" so I still waited 20 minutes.

  22. Some things I don't mind waiting for, but the way. I hate going to the Dr. anyway & to have to sit & wait...noooooo.

    I need to find a new hairdresser too. My guy has just too many clients & it's so hard to get in.You're probably right about yours taking a walk in, but you should not have had to wait that long.

    Sorry to hear you have a strained relationship with your, sometimes ......OH!

    Hugs, DebraK

  23. I know when they make me wait I really want o send a bill for my time ---wouldn't thatgo over well?

  24. Kari,sorry you had a bad time,but happy im not alone. I had a horrible night Thursday at work. Cried and then worked double friday and then got a call about my grandbaby and sat at emergancy all night.I feel like i've been hit by a truck. Hope we both feel better soon.

  25. I am sorry you had such a bad day. I hate to wait also. Hopefully things will get better soon. Hang in there.

  26. Hi Kari, just wanted to respond to your question about Plum Lovin'. I love all the Jant Evanovich "number" books,too, and I didn't think Plum Lovin' was anywhere near as good. Save your money.

  27. I'm so sorry you had suh a bad day! Sounds like one of those days you just want to crawl back into bed and start over! Sorry for the strained relationship w/your daughter and no matter the reason for the phone call, I agree, whatever he was calling about should have come from your daughter. I don't blame you for walking out on the hair appt, hopefully she got the message to not overbook again!

    I was going to tell you Annie was the one who did my siggy, so I'm glad she was able to help you with yours!

  28. Sympathize with having to wait so long. I hate going to the doctor for that very reason. And for a haircut.....that`s just wrong!
    Love your signature!


  29. Dang. Well I cut my hair and my kids...take all of our pictures...I'd do surgery on myself if I could.
    I'm not looking too forward to my kids dating days...I know there is a lot of stuff that can go on. Hang in there Chewy and keep your sunnyside up!

  30. Hi Kari, I've visited your fun blog before but this is the first time I've left a comment. I really hate having to wait for an extended time too. I once waited over three hours to see my new eye doctor (after driving two hours into the city to see him) and finally went up to the receptionist and explained that I was not waiting any longer. I called his office a while later to rebook and was told the wait time was up to 8 hours. Eight hours? How is that possible? I had my physician hook me up with a new eye doctor in a smaller centre and I was in and out in about 30 minutes.

    ps. any gal that lists Dean Martin and AC/DC amongst her favourites in music is a gal who's blog I'm going to visit again! I'm a big fan of both too. My boys would love your Star Wars collection too. :)

  31. I am living the same life in a paralel universe !!!!!!
    I hate lateness,if I'm on time then they should be too.
    I hope things get better with your daughter but,you know,I don't always get on with my mum,sometimes I really don't like her but I always love her and I'm sure your girl loves you too.It's sometimes harder to tell those who should hear it that we do love them isn't it.
    I wish you a happier week this week,
    Best Wishes Kat xxx

  32. Oh wow. I am offline for a couple of days and you go and get all moody and grumpy and surly. Over what? A little hair mishap? Well, I myself have never had such a thing happen, Nope.
    Okay, so I lie like a rug. I really am sorry you had such a crappy time. Phooey. I will send some bad vibes toward that hairdresser. Now, Grumpy was one of the 7 dwarfs...are Hairy and huge his brothers? I don't think they made the cut in the Disney flick did they?
    I myself am a big fan of Hairy and Huge. I myself feel I should embrace my inner Hairy and Huge. After all, I am often mistaken for them.
    You my dear, would still look beeyootiful hairy. Huge? You are not...grumpy? You have a right.

    I LOVE your home...LOVE your decorating, LOVE your scarecrow family...

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award!! I do not deserve it at all but I am honored and humbled.

    LOVE the Fall look for the blog!

    FALL IS HERE!!!!

    I send love and hugs,

  33. Wow, check out the 30+ comments on the waiting for an appointment post. This kind of statistical data doesn't paint a pretty picture of the service industry, now does it. My brother in law showed up 10 minutes early for his doctor's appointment last week. Waited an HOUR -- 40 minutes of it IN THE EXAM ROOM. And they had the nerve to look put out when he made his way to the desk and tell them "I'm not paying for this appointment, and I'm not waiting any longer. He walked. I bet they bill him. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that office when my sister calls to complain!

    IHATEWAITING. And evidently I'm not alone. Love the new sig!


  34. I also hate it when I leave a quote open ended because I forgot the 'end quotation' marks. I think comments should be editable for cases such as this. Typos haunt me. It's a scary thing. Have a great day!



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