Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm A-Pickin' AND I'm A-Grinnin'

Do ya'll remember Hee-Haw? With Roy Clark and Buck Owens? They always did that segment where one would sing "I'm a-pickin" and the other would answer "and I'm a grinnin' ". Oh, just go with me on this one...because it describes how I'm feeling right now. Tammy over at My Gentle Retreat has graced me with this award:
How great is that? What a wonderful award to receive! Don't you feel like you've really, really accomplished something if you can make another person smile? I do. So thank you so much, Tammy. I appreciate it! And now I get to pass it on to a few people, too. So I've thought this over because, while I love reading everyone's blog, a few of them actually bring a smile to my face just about everytime I read what they write. Some blogs make me dream, some make me cry, some make me hope, some make me believe! Some make me think, some make me wonder, some of them even make me ashamed because I don't measure up to their author's goodness. But some blogs, usually in addition to one of these feelings, also make me smile. So here's a few of those: Joan because she has such an unabashed love of her husband, her family and her life, Kat because she is facing menopause with grace and humor (how can you do that, woman!) and, having learned the hard way just how much of an effort that is, I smile everytime I think of her, Kat ( a different "kat" than our Beach Kat) because she writes posts that will leave your head spinning with exhaustion as she describes her day to day life. Then, of course, there's Cassie because everytime I see a comment from her in my inbox, I know that a) she's going to say something to make me smile and b) I can go over to her blog and read a post that will also make me smile, Susie Q because...oh come on! Surely most of ya'll read her blog, don't you? You should already know why I smile everytime I visit her! And everyone also knows Sophie, right? Of course you do. Therefore, you know why I smile when I think of her, too. She's so charmingly British - and she always seems to be honestly amazed that any of us are so fascinated with her life! Crazy British chick. And I can't leave out Teresa because read her is to love her. She's just so flippin' happy most of the time. And even when she's not, her "furiously angry"is like my "gee, I'm feeling ever so slightly less than sparkly". I don't think she knows what it means to be truly grumpy (but, sssshhhhh, don't tell her - she thinks she can be quite the terror at times! lol). And last, but by no means least, is Tauna. I have to smile when I read her blog (and her e-mails). Mainly because anybody who can get that much joy from the English language deserves a smile! And also because I find her writing to be extremely visual in that she paints beautiful pictures in my mind using words. I love that. Who doesn't? So these are who I'm passing this awesome award to. Okay, so the truth is, I could probably name lots and lots more, but do you have any idea how exhausting it is putting in those name links? Not to mention sending the messages notifying them. Geez...I'll be on the computer for hours just finishing the ones I've already nominated. Maybe I should have gotten "The Lazy Blogger" award instead, huh? I'm not lazy, though, I swear it! Just more like technologically challenged. All this linking is making my brain ache.Finally, I am shocked, hurt and appalled at the lack of response for my Christmas ornament giveaway! Guys! It's Christmas ornaments!! What could be better? It's not like they're used, you know. Unless Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Mornings, Ross's and my locally owned and operated Hallmark store are all combining to pull a fast one on me. I very carefully scoured this town (and the next) looking for special ornaments for my blogging buddies out here in Blogland and only about 20 of you have signed up! Although, let me say this - THANK YOU, YOU 20 PEOPLE! I wish you all the best of luck. And for the rest of you who are turning your perky little noses up at my ornament giveaway, you just don't know what you might be missing! There's still time to sign up, though. Just go to this link and leave a comment to be eligible. You have until I fall out of bed Wednesday morning and come upstairs to print out the comments for the drawing!


  1. Kari,you totally deserve this award!!! I always look forward to reading your blog because you always make me SMILE and LAUGH!!!!!

    I didn't sign up for your giveaway because.....I have waaaay too many ornies as it is! I don't know how much longer I can hold out though because they are soooooo cute and I am really tempted every time I see them! *If* I won,like you I never win anything I guess I could snatch them from the mailman and hide them from my husband until Christmas?LOL....

    I am also a closet comment hog!!! Some days I feel like I am just rambling on and on to myself when no one leaves a comment.Of course I'm sure some of my posts unlike yours bore people to tears!!!!LOL...
    Have a great week!!!

  2. Hi Kari,
    Thankyou so much for this award,this is the most comments I've ever had and I'm thrilled !!!!!
    I'm so glad you're back and I hope you are feeling better.
    I thought you meant I had the menopause (LOL!!!!) At least that would explain why I feel so bad at the moment.
    I didn't know you had a giveaway as I have been at work over the weekend.I'd be delighted with anything from you my dear you have great Luke Skywalker ....
    Love Kat xx

  3.'ve made ME smile BIG TIME! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Hugs! (and lots of smiles too)

  4. I so totally get why you won this award! Thanks for passing it along, it's a great compliment!
    Having a wonderful day?


  5. Haha!! Comment hog-that's great! I can't imagine anyone who doesn't like getting comments (unless they're nasty ones)

    Congrats on your award, and thank-you for passing it on to me!! You are pyschic Kari! I have had a totally hectic, whirlwind stressful day, but when I came home I saw that you'd given me an award! Aw!!!!
    And reading all those menopause symptoms-definitely a sign of things to come, seeing as I get awful PMS already....Haha then you'll have to see me through it!!!

  6. well! again girl!!! :>:> The mailman is just going by and i gave him a banana bread to give to you do you think he knows where you live? I do have a fav menopause sumptom it increases my huh hum drive:>!! I didn't want to give your blog a pg13 rating by using the REAL word HAHA(have you seen those ratings)

  7. Oh goody, I can't wait to check out all your pals...I love these awards 'cause it lets me get to know new people! The only one I know on your list is Sweet Susie Q!

  8. gloom, despair, and agony on me~

    Of course I remember HeeHaw! I'm surprised you had to ask!

    You know, I said on my other blog that I hadn't gotten the Make Me Smile award yet, but once I saw it on your blog, it all came back to me....
    is memory loss one of those pre-menopausal things?

    That list.....oh dear God.

  9. Yay for you!!!!
    You make me smile too Kari!

  10. Kari, Kari, Kari, the reason I did not enter your giveaway is because I have so many ornaments now! I mean boxes & boxes & BOXES!!!!!

    I never win anything so I should have entered.....ok....I will enter now. I talked myself into that pretty easily.

    You certainly deserve that award girl! You always make me smile....& sometimes worry.

  11. Congratulations on your award...collecting quite a few there aren't we? I love your comment hog, where do I go to join the Comment Hogs Anonymous group? And do we have to be anonymous? Guess you can tell I'm feeling better...will be back on tonight!!!That's a promise unless you care to take it as a threat

  12. Oh, and I signed up for the ornaments and if I win I dare one person to yell that spelled right? Doesn't look right...dam this thing doesn't have spell check, either...

  13. First congrats on your award, you do have the gift of making people smile. And that is truely a great gift to have. Thank you so much for passing it on to me and now I will try not to hit the button a thousand times and have my comment show up three times. :-) Thanks Kari!!

  14. Congratulations on the award, dear Kari!! I'm only starting to get to know you but you sure do make me smile and laugh every time I've visited:-) I'm glad Tammy passed it on to you, you truly deserve it!! I'm not familiar with the gals you passed it on to except for there's another one who makes me laugh so much I usually have to go change pants after I've visited her! lol xox

  15. Well, pick my peas!! That has nothing to do with smiling, but I love to say it! Thanks Ms. Kari for this honor. Wear a size fits all.

  16. You deserve this award!
    You are my smile!!!

  17. You SO deserve this award...and I am honored that you feel I do as well. Really, I actually get a little shy about it! WHAT? Me SHY? Yup, believe it or not! : )
    But I do know that YOU make me laugh and smile and grin and feel good. I so wish we lived closer but I know I love visiting with you here daily!

    Congratulations and a very warm thank you!!!

    Love and hugs,


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