Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's a Giveaway! It's a Giveaway!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...okay, so it's not really, but it will be sooner than you know! And, I, as the self-proclaimed Christmas Queen of Blogland (wow - now that's a tad bit pretentious, isn't it??), have decided to feature Christmas Ornaments for my first ever giveaway! And why the giveaway you ask? honor of my 148th post, of course! Yeah, pretty lame. Actually, there's several reasons why I wanted to do a giveaway. The first being that I think they're great. I, myself, have absolutely zero luck when it comes to winning contests, although it doesn't stop me from entering them. Another reason is to say thank you for all of you who still stop by my blog even though I've proven time and time again that I am a full-blown menopausal lunatic with little or no hope of recovery. And thirdly, because I love, love, love Christmas! I'm a Christmas ornament maniac, too. I used to have a rotating tree stand (until the movers broke it, clumsy *&@!# dipsticks! - ooooh, that sounded real Christmassy, didn't it?) and my mom used to say she was amazed that it would actually spin because of all the weight of the ornaments on our tree. I don't think it's in me to have a branch without an ornament. Just seems wrong.... So anywho, back to the giveaway...I have 25 ornaments here that are just begging to be hung on YOUR tree! Just leave a comment for your chance to win. And don't forget, I'll have to have a way to contact you so, if you don't have your e-mail enabled on your blog, I'll need you to leave an e-mail address in your comment. Failure to do so will result in your pretty baubles being sent to the second name drawn. Got it? Speaking of the drawing, it will be held Wednesday, September 12th. Below are some close-up pictures of the ornaments. Click on any picture to enlarge.
The little angel with the blonde hair is so sweet - the glaze on her is very pretty in person. She has what looks like "2002" written all along the bottom of her skirt. The 3 white crosses each have a word embossed in the middle of them. One says Joy, another says Peace, and the third says Love.
These ornaments shown above are what I like to call "The Seagull and/or Magpie Collection". That's because they're very shiny and I'm embarrassingly attracted to shiny objects...much like seagulls and magpies (Sophie knows what I'm talking about, don't you? lol). That copper disco ball looking thing just does it for me!
And here we have "The Silver Collection". Not real silver, of course. But they are all silver in color, except for that iridescent glass one...not sure why it's in this picture. Probably should have put it in with the Seagull ones, huh?
And these are the funnier ones. I love the little elf - he's so cute. And the Cowboy Santa is because I'm in Texas. The 3 gold ornaments will look so pretty nestled in amongst the pretty lights on your tree, as will the burgundy and gold one. The Santa face is just plain ol' fun to look at and the last ornament, which I believe is a snowman on a sled, is one of those ornaments that always remind me of candy.
Okay - so that's it. Now you have to ask yourselves...Can you ever have too many ornaments? Of course not! Even if you don't need them for your tree(s), surely you know someone who is still building their supply. So come on! Enter to win! And yes, I will be more than happy to ship these to the U.K. so - all my blogging buddies from across the pond, please don't hesitate to enter! And spread the word! (Please!)


  1. I'm first...I'm first...does that give me a head start???

    I would love to win these!!

    I have secret give-aways at my site...I draw randomly from my comments from time to time so you just never know with me...teehee!!

  2. Hey! Who crowned you Queen of Christmas? That's MY title missy!

    Oh OK - seeing as I want to enter your draw I'll let you be Queen of Christmas USA & I'll be the UK counterpart!

    Hope you had a very happy un-birthday yesterday!

  3. Dear USCOQ - to "quickly whip up" you need a Kitchenaid mixer & recipe where you chuck everything into the bowl & whizz it altogether, plop it into a cake tin & throw it in the oven! Easy!

  4. Okay, now I get a chance to win in a giveaway and should I do so, what will be the hue and cry? FIX FIX have my address lol

  5. Count me in! They are all so pretty! And that's a great idea for a giveaway.. Kari, I love your new comment thingy. I'm looking at the site now and trying ti figure it out. Thanks!

  6. Please, please no more Christmas for a while we havent had summer in UK yet. I'll forgive you for now.But I can't think about Christmas yet I haven't been to Spain ( going in 2 weeks ) More about that on my blog!!

  7. I'm so glad you invited me to join in! I love the angels and crosses. My daughters are blonde, and we have a tradition in our family around Christmas. Each year we find a little angel to represent the one who is already in heaven. Her name is Amber. Glad you're enjoying Blogging Basics 101! Have a great weekend, I'm off to run all over town and accomplish very little.


  8. Please, please ,please EVEN MORE Christmas Kari!!(sorry Mary!)
    I'm thrilled by your Christmas Giveaway-someone else is getting all excited about Christmas too! Please enter me!! I'm loving your selection of ornaments! I laughed at your seagull/magpie comment! We could start our own collection of Christmas ornaments called 'The Seagull Collection'-maybe we could sell them on QVC or the Shopping Chanel? With your ready wit, I bet you'd be a natural on T.V lol!!!

  9. Me too! Me too!

    You are so right...I do find it hard to focus, especially when great lookin' men are afoot...Brian was on Law and Order last night and Russell is at the movies today! How will I function!

    I adore your giveaway things but I have been just awful when addressing you. I have been mush to informal and I beg your forgiveness oh Queen. I bow to your sparkly, Christmasy crown. All twinkly with
    gold and tinsel and all manner of shiny thingees. I humble myself before ye.

    Ooh. I would so watch you and Sophie on QVC! I volunteer to be your roadie...: )

    Thinking about you!


  10. Oh boy oh boy oh boy count me in please :) Im referred to the Christmas Queen on my message board. I LOVE CHRISTMAS so much that I decorate the day after Halloween... how sweet of you to do something like this for your fellow bloggers.

  11. Guess what I just found?
    A Christmas blog! As I live and breathe! What a great idea. Like why didn't you I mean I...think of it?
    Go play!

  12. Hi Kari:-) Was told to come visit you and now I know love Christmas as much as I do! lol I'm so happy to find another lunatic...I mean friend who loads every branch of her Christmas tree!! hehe Such a great giveaway, fun, fun! I've just read a few of your posts and you're my type of blogger so I'll be back...see, I'm nice and giving you fair warning! lol Take care and enjoy your weekend:-) xox

  13. Email enabled...I didn't even know!
    I used to have a siser-in-law (six actually...)anyway this one did the master bedroom in a Christmas theme and it was so cute! The walls were a ribbon stripe of green and there were lit up things everywhere and collections of don't you even think about it! That bedspread is brand new!

  14. I just found your blog via Kat-in-a-flap. I love all the ornaments that you are giving away. What a nice gift for someone, hopefully me lol.

  15. Howdy Kari! ahhhh christmas looove all the ornaments and wanted to stop in and say howdy and glad to meet ya...and hey I'm menopausal too! hahahahahahah! I'll be back!

  16. They are adorable! I have no idea how these give-a-ways work???

    Thanks for your generosity!
    Angie xoxo

  17. Hi Kari,
    Sorry to confuse you but foxgloves and the shop were getting to demanding while I am feeling unwell so I have gone for a less demanding blog that I will not be expected to post so frequently in.
    I now only have Sewer of threads. Stitched textiles is ready for when I start my City and Guilds course (but I'm not actually using it yet.
    Take care,
    Alison x
    P.S. count me in on the giveaway:-)

  18. great blog!! :)
    visit the mine is of free download

    greating from argentina!!

    PD: sorry for my english is very bad :S

  19. what a great contest! I love ornaments so please count me in! Even if I don't use them all on my tree we have ornament exchanges at MOPS and our spouses' group on base and who knows what else comes up! This would be perfect to have on hand :)

  20. Im home crazy girl! Hope you had a great weekend.I missed you very much! Put me in the drawing please. Glad to be back.

  21. Hi Sissy, I think that a giveaway is a cute idea. And what else would the Christmas Queen give? I know I am a little slow on my blog. will try harder.;s And oh, by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And all our Love and Prayers

  22. Hey Kari
    Thanks for the message on my blog--matter of fact, I read your blog last night!!
    It amazes me that Okies find each other on this big wide "web"world!
    You would love mosaic--I bought 2 books for "beginners" at Barnes Noble last night, which I will pour over, set aside and probably never do---but hey, a gal can dream!
    And, seeing your profile--I realized we have somethings in common--I ADORE Christmas -- really all of fall, Merle Haggard, and more!!!
    Keep visiting me!!

  23. Ok now when are you getting your tree out i got out my stuff this weekend for an event atchurch and i am so tempted to put my Christmas quilt on my bed now then I will post all the shots. Count mein.

  24. Sign me up! I was just drooling in the Hobby Lobby Christmas aisles, this past Saturday (they have the best stuff~ and tons of Christmas aisles)!
    I soooo looooove Christmas ornaments!!

  25. To the Christmas Queen, from the Christmas Fairy.... I love blogging, because you get to meet people who share your passions... and you share one of mine! I love Christmas so much I have already started to watch the movies, and I would love to be entered in your ornament giveaway!

  26. I never win anything! Count me in.

    Now what ever shall I do if I DO win?

  27. Hello! I just found your blog from a link from Tammy at my Gente retreat. I realy am enjoying it, I laughed so hard about the menopause post I can relate at 47 I,am just now going through these things, Not so funny but I feel better seeing I have company in this department! I also have the love of Christmas in common, I love to decorate for it and would start right now if hubby would let me but he makes me wait untill Thanksgiving day! I would love to join in this drawing for the oranments! They are so pretty and cute, I,am realy enjoying reading your blog and have saved it along with Tammys at my gentle retreat. I always walk away from a visit with her with a big smile on my face! May I please add my name to this drawing. Have a great day! sherry

  28. I'm playing "catch-up" today and find that you are bawling because people haven't entered your contest and they aren't commenting. I'm doing my part to fix that! (Feel better now???)

  29. Please count me in!
    Can I ask you for your address? I would like to include you in my Christmas card list and maybe to send you a little future surprise, too ;-)

  30. OK I better win since I know I am your favorite niece!! I hope you are all doing great!!
    Love Dawn

  31. ME ME!! Pick me!! lol ;) I do believe those will look right gorgious on my tree. So go ahead... pick me, you can doooo it! :)

  32. (with a hand held so high in the air and waiving frantically) OOOH OOOH PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

    I love this blogging stuff. Ya I am new but I am loving it and giving stuff away too! All welcome to come and enter to win some CANDLES!


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