Saturday, September 8, 2007

It May Not Have Been My Birthday,

but it sure 'nuff felt like it was! First, I started getting all these "Birthday Wishes" from out of the blue...then I got a little package in the afternoon mail (more like evening mail where I live!) from my mom and her husband, Jack. I opened it up - after much wrestling, cussing and fussing (way to totally and completely wrap a padded envelope in clear tape, Mom! lol) and found this: Awesome, isn't it? Some of you are going..."what? Is it a poster? Is it a print? What the heck is it?". Well, I'll tell 'ya! It's an official sheet of the Star Wars stamps issued by the United States Post Office. I actually bought some when they came out, but I'm a bit of a goober (some of you never, ever suspected that, did you?). I used the stamps I'd bought. I couldn't help it! They're just so flippin' cool looking! And it was so satisfying to put a Darth Vader stamp on my mortgage payment. Don't ask why, it just felt good. And an Emperor Palpatine stamp on the power bill. Ahhhh, felt so appropriate, those thieving, over-priced b*st*rds. But I'm getting lost in the moment...let's get back to the subject at hand. My mom and Jack have saved me from certain regret sometime in the near future when I realized that I had used all of my stamps and had none to keep with my Star Wars Collection. (Never planning for the future, is this one). And really, I don't know who was more impressed with this or Jacob (my number 4 baby). He's always accusing me of not handling the collection properly...I don't complete sets of things (mainly because I just collect the stuff I like, not the stuff that only comes in sets). He hounded me when the stamps first came out to buy extras but I was quite too caught up in the whole "telling bill payment recipients what I thought of their companies" thing. lol Like I said...I'm a goober. Anywho - we won't dwell on that fact any longer. Let me just say THANK YOU, MOM AND JACK! Love the gift! :) And then...the "Lost UPS Delivery" from Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wally arrived. Would you look at all that was in it???? My gosh! I was unwrapping things forever! The box weighed a ton, according to Randey, who carried it upstairs for me. As luck would have it, I had a pan of cornbread in the oven when the package arrived. But that's okay. The family likes their cornbread crispy. And it was crispy, by the time I got around to remembering I was in the middle of baking it! Can you blame me, though? It's not everyday that you get a package like this! Actually, come to think of it, I don't know if I've ever gotten a package with this much stuff in it. Thank you , thank you, thank you so much Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wally. You guys are the greatest! I took a few close-up pictures of some of my "already" favorite things that were in the box. This little cat just stole my heart! Isn't she precious? She's already found a home in the girly room, of course. You'd think that room was made for her. She fits in so well, don't you think?
These ornaments are gorgeous, aren't they? According to the box, they are from the 2001 Avon collection. I love them! I can't wait to see them on the tree, reflecting the lights....ahhhhh, pretty, pretty, pretty. Boy, I love Christmas.
And how about this lovely little round box in a fall leaf motif? Beautiful, isn't it? Now I must find just the perfect thing to oh-so-casually place in's going to look great in the living room!
Thanks again Mom, Jack, Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wally! I'll never be able to find the words to adequately tell you how much these gifts mean to me! (All these words I've just written don't even come close to expressing how happy I am!)


  1. Ooh Kari!!! Aren't you lucky to have that arrive all at once! Love the Starwars stamps, and the idea of you putting them on your mortgage payments tickled me!! Now I wouldn't mind being sent Han Solo (but in the flesh of course!!).
    And, I love what your aunt sent you! That adorable tin!!And the cats! And the Christmas themed gifts-she knows you so well!!!
    That's definitely something to help cheer you up (I must be very shallow, but getting parcels always cheers me up if I'm down in the dumps!)

    Have a fab 'non-birthday' weekend,
    see you soon! x

  2. I am so glad your Mojo arrived...I thought it was a lovely box to pack it in, too...and i didn't have ream the President of UPS an new one and all is well with my world
    Love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  3. LOVE the cat! She looks right at home.


  4. It's so much better paying bills if you have cool stamps to put on bills. It's just plain rude not to put interesting stamps on personal mail!

  5. Ooh! Fun mail!! I love fun mail!! You lucky, lucky girlie you!
    Those stamps are just too cool. I will hafta have some for my letters and bills don'tcha think? Darth Vader on the bills of course!

    I love all these great treasures! It may not have been your actual birthday yet but oh my! Presents anyhoo!


  6. really "racked" up didn't you?

    Looks like a fun many goodies.


  7. How fun I bet you love that-- I bought those stamps and I scandously used them:> What a fun gift from your aunt lots of pretties

  8. Great treasures and lots of generosity!


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