Friday, July 20, 2007

Country Time Lemonade, Sports Cars and Dean Martin

Look to the right. See that face? That's me, making an effort to claw my way back to being a normal human. Or at least an abnormal human who doesn't whine like a madwoman. At this point, either one will do! (Geez. I've really got to lay off the Country Time Lemonade - I'm looking a little yellow and all that sugar appears to be making me a tad bit...bloated!)

Anywho..."T" at left one hysterical, yet uplifting comment about this whole "phase of life" thing. "Phase of Life". What a phrase. That reminds me, my neighbor, who is all of 26 years old, very kindly explained to me how she was expecting "the change" early because it runs in her family. Okay, so A) I'm sorry to hear that, truly, and B) "the change"? How quaint is that? That sounds like something I heard in that funny little film they showed us in 5th grade. You know the explained how one day, us girls would "become a woman" when we started menstruation. It also explained how that was also called (and I'm quoting here)"the Curse...and here's why..." (all said in a very June Cleaver like voice). "The Curse". Please. Talk about getting something totally and completely backwards. Looking at it from this side of the river, I'm thinking that starting my period should have been called "the Change" and going through menopause should be called "the Curse". You can tell a man came up with these labels. A stupid man. A stupid man who wanted revenge against his mother, probably. A stupid man who wanted revenge against his mother and who was never able to get a date ever in his whole life. Oh Wow! Hmmmm. Where'd that come from? I may be suffering from a little jealousy here. A man hits middle life crazy and he buys a Corvette. A woman hits menopause and all she wants is to fall asleep deep inside a walk-in freezer. Men and very, very different. On so many different levels.

Oh gosh, here I thought this post was going to be happy and cheerful and not about being nutso. How did I get from the Famous 5th Grade Film to man-bashing because men get to drive a sports car while all I'm driving is other people crazy? Must try harder, must try harder. As my childhood heroine, Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow's another day". I'll work on talking about a different topic tomorrow. (Like the new Harry Potter book. I promise not to give away any of the plot for those who aren't reading it right away, but I know I'll have to say something about it being here!) In the meantime, I think a little Dean Martin music (thank you T) is in order. You can't help but feel great listening to him.


  1. You're soooooooooooooooooooo right about this being called the "curse". I just want to sit in a tub of cool water all day. Getting dressed or trying to get dressed is crazy. I'm soaked before I leave the house. Why get dressed?! And sleep....forget it. Urrrrrrrrrrrr


  2. Has Nick gotten home yet? I see the ticker has entered zero now...also, how do you actually apply the ticker? I went there and worked up a great one but couldn't apply it...figure if Nick is home, you should be feeling better! hope you are, anyway.
    Love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  3. Oh Kari - your posts are such a giggle! With your sense of humour I'm sure you'll sail through it....maybe a red sports car would help? ;-)


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