Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Family That Reads Together...

My boys love to read Harry Potter almost as much as I do. Almost. It's a standing rule in our house that I get to read the new books first. Why? Because I'm the mom and they're not. Usually, they're okay with this. I read pretty fast so they know they won't have to wait long to get ahold of it. But this is Book Seven. The final book. The last of the Harry Potter saga. So they figured they just couldn't wait a day for me to finish it. Not that I blame them. We've been waiting forever for this one and now that it's here, we all felt like we had to read it right away. So Jacob decided he would buy his own book. That made 2 copies for this family. Yesterday, my oldest son, Nick, finally got here (as usual, he was delayed). He comes strolling into baggage claim at DFW where we were eagerly awaiting him and what was he carrying? Yet another copy of HP and the Dealthy Hallows. Now we're at 3 copies for this family. You'd think that would be enough, huh? But no. I also ordered the unabridged version on CD. It's due to arrive this coming Saturday. That's how Randey "reads" the books - with his ears instead of his eyes. But, until he hears it or the boys finish reading it, I'm stuck. I've been sitting around waiting for somebody to finish reading it so I can talk about it. It's making me crazy!! I called Susan, my very best friend in the whole wide world, who lives 5 states away from me. She hasn't even cracked her copy open yet. I told her she had a couple of days. Then I was calling back. If she still hasn't read it...then she'd better get her a pot of coffee brewing and make herself comfy because I'm reading it to her. Enough's enough! Come on, people! I've got to talk to SOMEBODY about this book!!


  1. Hi Keri,

    I just finished this book last night - took me a day and a bit to read, and I might just go over it a second time. Saw the latest movie too on Saturday night.

    Would be great to discuss if you have finished the book as well...

    My sister was commenting this morning that there are so many people on the underground and on buses in London carrying this book around with them - she finds it quite inspiring to see and can't wait to read the book herself (but has to wait another week until I had over my copy of the book).

  2. Great to see the "kids" all together. It always make you feel good somehow. READ THE BOOK. Everyone we see is reading the book. I wait for the movie myself, if I watch it at all. It's kind of weird. Love ya montgal40

  3. aww, I wish I knew you then, we got two books in our house as well (just me and my son) on that saturday morning, by 5AM sunday I was done. Took my slow reading child TWO FULL WEEKS!
    Oh well, let's pray JK does a Michael Jordan on us and unretires to write the 8th.


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