Sunday, July 22, 2007

All My Chickens Home at the Same Time...

My four children are all together for the first time in over a year. Nice. And despite the fact that they seem to want to wrestle on the furniture like animals, it's still good to have them all with us at one time. From left to right: Jake (the one being strangled and flipped over the couch), Nick (the oldest and, in theory, the most mature), Desiree' (my one and only daughter who has long ago mastered the fine art of making her brothers mad enough to turn "Des" into a 5 syllable word....DDDDDeeeeee eeeee eeeee zzzzzz zzzzzzz) and Kaleb (the sweetest child I have...really). Des had just smacked him in the gut when the top picture was taken.

Oh yeah, and see little Toby? That's the Chihuahua Desiree's holding. He's her new puppy. He's the cutest thing you ever saw - well, next to Sydney the Wonder Dog, of course.


  1. Ahhhh! Kari...I am thrilled for you all your baby chicks are under one roof tonight...I predict you will have the best "sleep/rest" you've had in a good long while...tonight...something about having "them" all under one roof...just makes a mom relax...well...most of the time...except when of course they are acting like caged animals just turned loose from the "funny" farm...however...I know you'll take that's crazy to me how when they haven't been around each other in a's as though they have forgotten how to act around each other...or WORSE...we're doomed b/c THIS IS how they will act around each other...for the rest of our lives!! I'm super pumped for really made me goose bumpy and teary eyed...when I saw their picture...b/c I knew the joy you were feeling...

    Speaking of's the "curse"....the "change"..."the meltdown"..."the HRT"..."the this is common for people your age syndrom" going???? I betcha having the kids better than an HRT patch!!

    By the punkins are precious...and Kaleb does look awful sweet...I have one just like him...never unhappy...always smiling...looks at the bright side of everything...AND he's a snuggler to boot...gotta just love that...his wife is one lucky young lady...of course they both are...Enjoy your babes...relax w/your HP book...a glass of wine...and of course don't forget our friend Dino...he'll be good for a spin or two around the living room w/one of your handsome men!!

    Blessings your way...

  2. Super cool! The whole family!


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