Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Have a Date with the Boy Wizard this Very Afternoon!

Randey, Maddy and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie this afternoon (can't wait!!!!!!!). My middle son, Kaleb, went to the midnight showing. He left me his "review" of the movie next to the coffee pot. Here's what he had to say (if you aren't aware of what happens in the book and/or movie, you might not want to read this!!):

"Very dark, humorous at times. In my opinion, really good acting at the end.

Good and cool movie.

Didn't leave out much (except for cool Death Eaters vs. Order battle at the castle).

Very resounding and complete silence after Dumbledore died...almost couldn't resist saying "Sshhhh" really loudly."

I'm glad he did resist, though. Goofball. lol I can't wait until 5:05 so we can start the adventure ourselves. Woo-hoo! I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. I've only seen the first movie - took Shelby to see it years ago. I'm not a big fan of movies anymore so I won't be seeing the rest of the series.

    But I am SO glad that you turned me on to the books - they were great! I can see why everyone loved them.

    Have fun at the movies! Don't eat too much popcorn!

  2. Oh, me an excuse for a night out! C

  3. Bree and Jay are going this afternoon too and are so excited.

    How funny for Kaleb to leave you his review.

    Let us know what you think.


  4. That's a cute review. And it worked!

  5. HI, Kari, so glad you got to visit with Kat again. Isn't she a sweetie? Thanks for stopping by. I hate that I just don't have time to stay in touch with everyone anymore. It's gotten so overwhelming. So thanks for saying hello.

  6. Am I possibly seeing a future in being a movie critic?? Nice review!

  7. Oh shoot Kari - I noticed the silence in the movie theater when Dumbledore died too. We were watching the midnight movie with all of these chattering teeny boppers but at the death scene you could have heard a pin drop. Well except for the occasional sniff (that was actually me).

    Glad you got to see the movie too!!

  8. Ok, now I'm considering sneaking out and trying to find a midnight showing!!!

    Your blog template is very light and airy-- I like it.


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