Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LOVED the movie! Loved it!

The new Harry Potter movie was fantastic. I can't wait to see it again (yeah, I'm one of those people who can watch a movie over and over and over!). Of course, they left out a lot from the book or so I felt - my son, Kaleb didn't think so (see his review below). Considering the movie was 2 1/2 hours long, though, I can understand why every little thing wasn't included. There was quite a bit of humor in this installment of the series causing most of the audience to laugh out loud throughout. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of humor, too, since so much of the story line is fairly dark. And speaking of the dark stuff, Kaleb was right about the silence after Dumbledore died. Dead (pardon the pun) silence. And then all I could hear was Maddy, my granddaughter, sniffling next to me. And the lady on the other side of her. And the people on the row in front of us. And,, too. (Hey! It was sad! Of course I cried. Geez!)
I give this movie two FIRM thumbs up and hope you'll all come tell me what you thought of it, if you go to see it (which you SHOULD!!).


  1. Bree called after the movie. She loved it too. Jay was bummed. And mad. Because of Dumbledore. "Wizards shouldn't die!" he said. LOL

    Glad you liked it too.


  2. Love your review. I haven't seen ANY of the movies but have read all the books. Maybe I'll go see this one....

    How do you imbed the comment section into your blog? I like it better than the pop up one that I have.

  3. How silly am I? I read all of the books and yet I just read your review with one hand over my eyes just in case you gave away the plot... great review-- I can't wait!!!!
    (opening day I had a choice to go see the movie or pick up the Hubby at Heathrow-- tough choice) ;-)

  4. Hey, lady! Glad to hear you give 2 thumbs up. I can't wait to hear what my daughters think. They're the HP fans of the family. It's really great when the movie version can make the fans of the book happy.

  5. We have tickets to see it Sunday. I cannot wait!!


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