Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maddy and her Grandpa

Maddy decided that we really needed to meet Grandpa for lunch yesterday. We decided on Chick-fil-a since it's located right outside the base. Here's Moose with Randey after we'd had our chicken nuggets: And here's the real reason Maddy felt we needed to meet Grandpa for lunch:
She thought we could drop by Claire's Boutique while we were out and about so she could buy herself some purty hair things. (*smile*).
She shopped until she ran out of money (and even managed to help me get rid of some of my money, too!). That's one thing about the Moose...she definitely inherited the shopping gene. And being somewhat afflicted with it myself, I really can't complain too much. lol


  1. Isn't it neat when they inherit our good genes??? Looks like a fun time. I need to try that Chick Fil A!

  2. Chick Fil-a and shopping...Maddy Moose is my kinda girl! She's a cutie pie.


  3. Well if one has to be talked out of her funds, that seems like a nice way to go. Glad that Maddy is having fun with her grandparents. That's the important thing!

  4. Lunch and shopping? Sounds like a good time was had by all?!?!? Have a great weekend :o)

  5. MMMMMM, making me want a Chik Fil-A chicken salad sandwich...I love the way Maddy pinches Grandad out of a treat. He's lovin' every cent of it! C


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