Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Artwork and Scary Pants

Maddy decided to draw a family picture of us. Here's the beautiful result: That's a Punisher symbol above Jake's head and a Batman symbol above Kaleb's. Maddy has a sun because she's such a sunshiney kind of personality and she gave me a flower. Sweet, eh? Randey's symbol is a fishing pole (she knows him so well!). I asked her why Grandpa was so small compared to the rest of us and she really couldn't give a reason. She said that's just how it came out. I only asked because I wanted to make sure she realized her granny didn't still outweigh her grandpa. LOL It's a perfectly lovely family picture, though and I'll treasure it forever.
This, however, I would never treasure. Get a load of these pants! For Pete's sake! It looks like there's a load in these pants! Who would wear these ugly things? Honestly!
I hereby instruct each and every one of you to smack the T-total fool out of me if you ever see me sportin' a pair of these around town. And I promise, I'll do the same for you! Remember...friends don't let friends wear eyeball burning, stomach turning, butt ugly harem pants ever, ever, ever. I'm just sayin'....


  1. Those are not cute pants at all. Not even for me with the big belly.

    THE ART is wonderful!!!

  2. The art is absolutely beautiful! The pants, not so much, lol. But have you seen the pants John Daly has been sporting at the British Open??? Here's a link to what I found when I Googled "John Daly's pants":

  3. You are so right!! These pants are not for real??

  4. Only if you plan to dress like MC Hammer...

  5. Maddy's picture is wonderful and I notice that Maddy and Grammy look an awful lot alike. You're right about those pants. Hope everyone in the world reads your blog.


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