Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunch with a Beach Kat, a Visit with Conner, Catching a "Throwed Roll" and Fun with the Family

Whew! It was a busy six days! First, the long drive to Florida (twelve hours if you don't stop for much). Then shopping and visiting and having fun before the long drive home. And here's some of what I did during my time there:
My sister Sherri and I drove to Sandestin for lunch with Kat @ Just a Beach Kat (Sherri lives in north Okaloosa County, which is one county over from Kat). This is Kat, me and Sher: Kat was kind enough to invite us to her home and then we loaded up in her golf cart for a tour of Sandestin, before deciding on lunch at Cantina Laredo.
Naturally, I was too busy admiring the scenery to get out my camera and take pictures of it. lol It's so beautiful there...Kat does indeed live in Paradise and seeing it through her eyes made it even more special. And I've got to tell you people, most of you already know that Kat and George have a beautiful home but something you may not know is that they have the most fantastic laundry room I've ever seen in my life. Yeah, I know...of all things for me to focus on, a laundry room seems rather bizarre. But if you've ever seen it, you know what I'm talking about. (Right, Rhoda?) Speaking of George, Sherri and I had the pleasure of meeting him while we were there. What a nice man. Very warm and friendly. We met Miss Daisy, too. She's a character! Full of energy and yet very well mannered. A wonderful combination!
Here's a picture of Sherri with Kat, taken during our tour of the area after lunch: And here's Sherri and me:
And I'd love to say "here's a picture of Kat and me", but I didn't get any! I don't know what I was thinking. I've really got to work on that camera usage thing, you know? lol Anyway, we had a wonderful afternoon and, considering that Kat was recovering from mouth surgery, I am doubly grateful for her time and efforts. Thanks, Kat! Sherri and I both had a blast!
This next picture is a random shot of Destin. I think I took it at the HarborWalk Village in Destin. Pretty, isn't it?
As I do every trip to Florida, I visited my grandson's grave site in Destin. I'm always amazed when I see that his toys are still there, every year just a little more faded. Whenever any of us visits there, we tend to bring a token to leave.
I found this to leave for him this year. It spoke to me when I saw it and I thought it was perfect for him.
One day, Sherri, my niece Megen and I all went shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall in Foley, Alabama. We went there in March when I was visiting, but this time we included lunch at Lambert's Cafe. This place is always packed and is famous for their "throwed rolls". There was hardly anything there that was healthy to eat. I was so disappointed (snicker, snicker). I struggled through it all though and suffered with the giant rolls, the chicken and dumplings, the fried potatoes and onions, etc., etc., etc. I know, I know...I'm a brave little soldier, eh? LOL
While shopping, we came across these aqua shoes. I had to take a picture of them. They crack me up. Looks like the latest in Big Foot type foot fashions. And for the low, low price of $70-$90, they, too, could be yours. Not mine, mind you, but certainly yours, if you're willing to pay the price. I figure if I'm paying that much for a pair of shoes, a pair of killer heels will have to be involved, not rubber toes.
And here's the obligatory picture of McGuire's Irish Pub, where I go everytime I'm in Florida, either the Destin or the Pensacola location - I'm not that picky. lol This visit we went to Destin.

And here's my totally crazy niece with her husband, Taron, at McGuire's. Megen's such a nut. I love spending time with her.
And here's a picture of my brother--in-law Ken's pineapple that he's been growing for 4 years. Lookin' good, isn't it?
Maddy Moose swimming in the pool at Sherri's:
We ended the visit with a night of game-playing at Sherri's. It was so much fun. Nothing like making an idiot out of yourself in front of family to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, eh? lol This is my nephew Joseph, attempting to make "sculptures" of a golf tee and a badminton birdie for a game we played. Check out that concentration!
It was a wonderful visit and, at the end of it, I got to bring Maddy Moose home with us for about 3 weeks. We'll return her the first week in August, at which time I plan to hit McGuire's again and very much hope to meet up with Kat yet once more. I've really got to stop trying to eat my way through each and every visit to that area, you know it? Thank goodness for Weight Watchers...they'll have me back in shape in no time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to count points again. (*smile*)


  1. It was great getting to see you again and what fun to get to meet Sherri. I'm so glad you didn't mind giving up a day to drive over. Between just getting back into town and my dental surgery, I wasn't 100%, but I had fun anyway. I look forward to August. Let me know the dates when you can.

    Hugs to you my sweet skinny girlfriend!

  2. Oh what a nice excursion you enjoyed! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I'm so glad that you are returning so that you can remedy getting a photo of you with Kat. Have lots of happy times with Maddy! (Of course, I know that you will.)

  3. Kari's back----YEA!!! boy have I missed you. I'm glad you had a fabo time---and those shoes. What the heck is that about? Where would one wear those--and why????? Your family looks great--Maddy Moose is a dollbaby-but I must say, the award goes to (drumroll please) YOU You look terrific!!! Great results from all that hard work. Congrats!

  4. Kari,

    It looks like you had a wonderful time. The scenery in the photos is paradise. Very pretty, as are the ladies.

    Glad you had a good time. Enjoy your next trip. It was so nice to hear from you.


  5. I am so jealous :)
    Next time you are in OKC... I'm there!

  6. I am so glad to read about this trip! How fun it was for you. You are looking great my friend. I need to get on the wagon, I am not doing so great.

    Sherri looks like a lot of fun and so does Kat. Can you imagine her not being at 100%? She looks like energy bubbles come pouring out of her!

  7. It looks like y'all had a fabulous trip. You look amazing Kari. That blouse you had on when you lunched with Kat just ROCKED.


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