Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Meme of 8

This is a meme I saw on another blog and thought it would be fun to do (you know, you could make an effort to work with me and not roll your eyes like that. I'm trying to get back into blogging again. It's harder than you might think. I've only recently discovered that I don't actually have anything interesting to talk about. But maybe, just maybe, if I spew enough random thoughts out here, something worthwhile might scitter across my brain and give me an idea for a good post. And if not, what have you lost but a little time. Besides, didn't your mother ever warn you about rolling your eyes? Do you really want to chance going thru life looking like that blind Shaolin monk from the old Kung Fu television series? I thought not. So okay, here we go):

8 things you are passionate about:
My family
My friends
My dog, Sydney
Making our house a home
and the American Way (yeah, me and Superman…we’re all over this concept so you can rest easy!)

8 things you want to do before you die:
See all my children reach their age of majority
See all my children happy and successful in their chosen vocations
Learn to be sociable
Read a million more books (might cut in to that "sociable time" I wa hoping to work on)
See Times Square during the holidays
Visit New England during the fall
Get a real, honest to goodness tan
Move home to Oklahoma
(Wow. I may need to raise the bar a little bit. My "Bucket List" doesn't really seem all that ambitious, does it?)

8 things I say more often than I need to:
"Infidel! I keel you!"
"I’m not your friend, your buddy or your pal. I’m your Mama so shut up and listen."
"Let’s eat out."
"Move your bloomin’ arse!"
"I hate talking on the phone!" (I keep saying this but no one seems to listen!lol)
"You’re so good lookin'. Yes you are!" (I tell that to Sydney the Wonder Dog at least once a day. Hey! He’s a Chihuahua! You almost have to tell them they're good-looking or they get depressed!)

8 books read recently:
Bones to Ashes – Kathy Reich
Carved in Bone – Jefferson Bass
Crescent City Kill – Julie Smith
Star Wars: Republic Commando: True Colors – Karen Traviss
The Alibi Man – Tami Hoag
The Society – Michael Palmer
The Twelfth Card – Jeffrey Deaver
Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two (still reading it) – Drew Karpyshyn

8 songs I love right now:
Dream Weaver – Gary Wright
Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani
At Last – Etta James (I’ll always love that song)
Never Again – Kelly Clarkson
The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim (yeah, so I’m a little embarrassed about this one but it’s good!)
Big Girls Don’t Cry - Fergie
Back in Black – AC/DC (this one just never gets old)
Minnie the Moocher – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

8 Favorite Shows on TV:
Criminal Minds
The Closer
Law & Order (I’m loving the new detective guy!)
Burn Notice

8 Qualities you look for in a friend:
common sense
sense of humor
grouchy without coffee
must be named Susan :> (okay so this one is only necessary if we’re talking BFF here. lol)

Originally this one was “8 Radio Shows you listen to” but I don’t listen to enough radio to name 8 shows. Therefore, I’ve changed it to “8 Authors That You Would Pay Hardcover-Full-Price for Their Books" (that translates into True Love if you’re as cheap as I am. lol):
J. K. Rowling
Jefferson Bass
Harlan Coben
Janet Evanovich – (the “number” series only, though)
Dan Brown
Michael Connelly
John Sandford
Dick Francis

So what have we learned about me, ladies and gentlemen? We've learned that I love crime stories, whether written or portrayed on TV, I love reading, I love my family (and am particularly smitten with Sydney the Wonder Dog), I cuss a bit too much and I'm kind of a freak when it comes to music choices. Huh. Who'd of thunk? So how about you guys? Anybody got the time to do their Meme of 8? Let me know if you do. I'm hopelessly nosey and would love to read it!


  1. Yes you do have interesting things to say!!!

    Terrie and Steve's first dance, at the wedding, was to Etta James' At Last. Doncha know how true that was, for them!!

    I've enjoyed reading your lists!

    I too am a reader of suspence/mystery books. Started with Nancy Drew all those many long years ago.

    I'm so happy you like our little Elvis! Now if I can just find out what that white haired granny type, in Ratatouille looks like!!


  2. To see the big tree in NY at Christmas and the department store windows is just about #1 on my list! And, "At Last" was my wedding song. And AC/DC Greatest Hits is in my CD player in my car right now!!

    Isn't it cool to find out stuff about ourselves??


  3. I love watching Psych (and Monk) and am so sad I missed the season primier on Friday. This play is really cutting into my TV watching/knitting time in the evenings!

  4. Cool - I enjoyed that..but don't think I have the stamina to type out my own list ...humm, but maybe a partial.

  5. Loved your facts Kari and I fit 7 of your 8 qualities... I don't drink coffee!

  6. Fun read! You know I'm crazy about my dog too and I love to read. We enjoy some of the same favorites authors. I also love Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks and Dean Koontz just to name a few more.

    I can't do this meme though...I'm all "thunk" out. I just did a 5 Random/Weird Meme yesterday and the 100 Things About Me. Nothing else is interesting. LOL


  7. I love to read also. Liked your meme. Hey, I see you have a baby countdown too, your little grandbaby is due about the same time as mine and I love the picture Jenn and Jacqui made for you--it's so cute. Oh and I'm so glad to see you back. Missed you.

  8. Glad your back to yourself Kari. It was great to read about you and your likes.I don't know what hapened,but I lost my friends too. I guess it is the blogging thing they come and go.
    I have been working alot and I guess my blogs have gotten alittle sloppy. Oh well..gotta work to shop and I gotta shop to live.

  9. Very fun meme! I'll have to tackle this one on my blog sometime soon.

    I love your little button with you and the do you go about getting one of those? Your blog is just looking so fun these days!

  10. Kari hun glad you came by... now come back. I have tagged you with a why its good to be me tag. iy really helped me. Hope you enjoy.
    love ya

  11. I've learned something new about ya...I never knew you were such a reader...I like to read too just a different genre give me a good ol' lusty Romantical...LOL!

  12. I have visit New York during the holidays on my list too! AND seeing the fall colors in New England! I also want to take a hot air balloon ride! My list is around here somewhere. But, it doesn't have very much on it yet! I guess I should quit procrastinating on that one!

    It was lots of fun reading all of those little facts about you! I tried thinking of some answers to those questions but it made my brain hurt so I stopped! LOL

  13. Hi Kari! I posted a new blog :) Its been since October... not as popular as you LOL!

    I see your daughter inlaw and I are sharing pregnancies.. She is further along then me though..
    Hope all is well..

  14. Eight is great! Love your post and your number eight, good accent! And you have lots to say! Keep it up. {{HUGS}}

  15. Thats ok... She is a busy girl right now :) Im sure she will stop by when she gets time.. kinda neat that are due about 2 weeks apart :)
    Im going to my next appt tomorrow so I will post about it then..
    Im 22 weeks today! YEAH!!
    I too have a fear of flying.. havent flown since I was 12.


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