Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Reports and Things that Make Me Go "Hmmmmmmmm"....

I've been a bad blogger this year. I've found myself full of bad attitude and unsociable tendencies. Well, that and a wicked kind of flu/cold and a nasty case of back spasms have kept me from blogging daily and answering e-mails. In short, I have been bitchy. Rea-ea-eallly bitchy. The downside to that, in addition to the bad blogging habits, is that I am not winning friends or influencing people in my normal, charming (ha,ha,ha,ha,ha) way. The upside? I've gotten to do a lot of reading because, basically, no one else wants anything to do with me so I've turned to books for entertainment and companionship. And I gotta tell 'ya...the beauty of books doesn't just lie within the adventure of the stories they contain. A large part of the beauty is that books, quite simply, don't talk back. Unlike husbands and children who are comfortable in the belief that they are faster than I and the knowledge that I have no memory retention to aide me in plotting their punishment for any mouthy transgressions. But let's not delve into my family dynamics at this point, okay?
Anywho...here's my oh so humble opinion about 3 of the books I read the past week:

Does anybody watch the T.V. show Bones? I do. I usually love it, although it seems like about every 6th show, the writers forget what they're doing and write something so incredibly stupid that my brain leaks multiple I.Q. points just for having been exposed to the sheer lameness of the story. But, as I said, I usually love it. I started watching it because I had read a number of Kathy Reichs' books and enjoyed most of them. That and I've long been a fan of the leading man, David Boreanaz. Yeah. I'm shallow like that. Sue me. Anyway, while the last couple of Kathy's books haven't exactly floated my boat, I decided to buy this book (Bones to Ashes) because the storyline seemed interesting to me. This book didn't get rave reviews from the readers at Mystery Guild, but I actually enjoyed it. I found it to be very engaging and a fine read. Maybe my literary needs are just too simple compared to others, but I would recommend this one to anyone who asked (and even to all of you who haven't).

I also read this book, Crescent City Kill, by Julie Smith. This is a slightly older book, having been first published in the '90's. I thought this one was also pretty good, except for the ending. I won't get into all the details of how and why, but I will say this (which will pretty much ruin the ending regardless so skip over if you just can't bear to know): Sooner or later, I think it's just good sense to have the bad guy get caught and punished. You can't keep letting him escape or, eventually, your reading audience will start to think evil always triumphs and, personally, I think that scenario sucks. So arrest or kill the guy already, okay Julie?
Now this book, Carved in Bone, was FANtastic! My BFF Susan had pointed it out to me when she was visiting last month. I bought it then and finally got around to reading it and I have to tell you, I can't wait to read another one. The author, Jefferson Bass, is actually a team of 2 individuals and man - what a fabulous team they are! Susan said she thought they got a little dry in places and spoke a little too much about technical issues, but I can't even find that criticism to be true for me. I am a new fan and convert to these guys. A new book, called The Devil's Bones, comes out February 5th and I'll be buying it for sure. They also have a book called Flesh and Bone that I'm on the lookout for. If I can't find it locally, I'll have to order it online. I highly recommend this book if you like a good plot, good characters and a good old fashioned mystery involving a dead body. And who doesn't like that, eh?
Okay, book reports are over for now. I have no idea why I even think anyone would be interested in my opinions of them, but heck...at least I'm blogging again. That's got to be worth something. Right? R-I-G-H-T??? Say "yes" so I can rest easy in the knowledge that you care. Or even in the belief of the knowledge that you care. Thank you. Moving on....
Not only have I spent much time reading, I've also taken the opportunity to ponder several issues in life. Things that make me go "hmmmmmmm". Such as...just how many cars do they have over in the Middle East and how cheap are these things to get? I mean really. These people are portrayed as financially poor and culturally "focused" shall we say, on their own belief system and way of life (or death, as the case may be). I know that Bin Laden and others like him have wealth. I also know that he's not exactly passing out debit cards to his followers for them to use down at Abdullah's Used Car Lot. And if 90% of the populations of these countries are poor and going hungry, who in the hell is buying all these cars that are being used by suicide bombers? You know, I've been poor. Of course, according to the media, my life of "poor" pales in comparison to that suffered by the "every day man" in the Middle East. Nevertheless, when I was poor, getting a car was difficult. Randey and I bought "beater" cars, mainly. You know the kind...4 bald tires, no air, no heat, and a radio that was hanging on by one thin wire. Sure, these beaters only cost around $500 but they provided much needed transportation and weren't disposed of lightly. But these guys over there...they're blowing up Beemers and Mercedes! What the heck? Sheesh! How poor are you when you treat freakin' cars like they're disposable? And where do they find the idiots to drive their disposable cars anyway? I mean how does that recruiting speech go? "Sign up here to blow your body and your family's only means of transportation to work and/or escape from the hell hole that has become your neighborhood to smithereens and, in return, we promise you virgins. Lots of virgins!". You know, not to sound crass or hedonistic or even flip...but these people sure 'nuff put one ginorous premium on virginity, don't they? Just to throw this out there... back in my long-lost virgin days, had I thought for one instant that my reward for purity would be a place in the harem of one of these dumbasses, I would have been hawkin' my body down on the local street corner just to guarantee exclusion from that particular club. Go ahead. Call me a slut. Better than the alternative. I would consider that a step up from their offer.
Another thing that baffles me and has for years...how do you throw away a trash can? I'm serious. You have a trash can you don't want anymore so you set it out to the curb. The garbage men come by, see it's empty and leave it. I mean, it's a trash can. How do you signify that it's actually the trash. You could write "trash" on the side of it, but what good would that do? It'd just make you look OCD and compelled to label even your trash receptacles. I guess you could put the trash can in a bag. But what if you don't have a big enough bag? What then? Do you cut your trash can up into little bitty pieces? Do you take it down to Goodwill as if it were a donation? Do you throw it over your neighbor's fence and pretend the wind blew it there and you have no knowledge of it's true ownership? So many questions. No clear solution. Makes me go "hmmmmmmm".....
Here's another question for the masses...if they can make a hair color to turn your hair red, orange, black, brown, blond, purple, green and /or blue, why the heck can't they make a hair color to turn your hair gray? I've recently decided to let my hair go gray. Glorious gray. How's that working out, you ask? Well I'll tell you. I look like I tumped a bag of all-purpose flour on top of my head. Nice and white/gray on top, Ms. Clairol red on bottom. Can you buy a bottle of gray hair color that will make it all blend? No. You. May. Not. Your options? Shave your head and start over or suffer until the colored hair grows out. Nice, huh? Come on all you Cosmetic Industry Gurus! If Michael Jackson can make his skin white, why can't you do that for my hair? Hmmmmmmm????
Finally, can anybody out there please explain to me exactly why our society venerates actors and athletes? Honestly! We base our hair cuts, our clothing choices, our political opinions, our estimation of a successful life on people who PRETEND or PLAY GAMES for a living! How smart is that? If you want to be considered "important" these days, you'd either better learn to lie and fake your way thru every emotion imaginable or you'd better learn how to play a game better than anybody else. This conundrum doesn't just make me go "hummmmmm", it makes me laugh, cry, shake my fist in frustration and just generally wonder if the fall of civilization as we know it is at hand because we've put the jesters in charge of the court, so to speak. Pretenders and players rule our world. So what does that say about us?
Yeah, okay, I'm done now. Ranting seems to be my only talent these days, doesn't it? Ah well. One should stick with what one is good at, right? lol


  1. When you get that box of grey hair color figured out - let me know. I would like to just go grey and get it over with also!

  2. Good questions! How DO you get rid of old trashcans?! It seems we drove ours behind a closed store and "deposited" it in their dumpster. Sssshhhh...don't tell. And as far as the gray hair coloring...why not?

    Thanks for the book reviews. The last one sounds really good.


  3. She's baaaaaack...and about time too...now this was the best Rant you've done in a while...and believe me when I tell you that you've had some good ones...I agree and would be on the street corner with you...have I got a few virgins for the believers...Sister Stella Maris, Sister Benefictis, and of course Mother Superior...this group would make them want to be back in their hellhole of a neighborhood...grey hair? What, me grey? Just go buy the lady Clairol and be done with it. If I'm too young to be grey you most certainly are...and since I haven't seen you lately, go back about two posts at my place and sign up for my giveaway...you are singlehandedly responsible for the fact that there is a place, you may as well try to reap the bennies...and if you love reading, you have to go to Yolanda's site the mermaids bookshelf...wow, you'll love it...I think
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  4. Oh and the website for Yolanda is www.themermaidsbookshelf.blogspot.com I forgot to add it...

  5. She's B-A-A-A-C-K! Welcome HOME, Kari...and to answer your question a few paragraphs up..."yes"...


  6. Hi Kari,
    I'm in the process of a move myself and have been pondering the whole "How do I throw away my trash can?" I guess I can put a sign on it that says TRASH but the trashmen are likely to say "NO DUH LADY- IT'S FOR TRASH!"
    and 2) I thought you could go to the hair dresser and have them color your hair in that very chic silver color? am i wrong? I havent pondered that one yet because I'm sticking to the bottle for a looooonnnnnggggg time!

  7. I've really missed your posts!!

    Disposable cars and people? Love your recruiting speech! I'd join you on the street corner.

    How to throw away a trash can? Can't be done! Take it to Goodwill and let them deal with it. Our trash men couldn't read it even if we wrote TRASH on the side.

    I'm sure you could have your hair done "gray" - sort of a platinum blonde with a silver-ish tone. But your hair is long - maybe better to cut it shorter (if that's an option) and let it grow out.

    Actors and athletes? I can't believe people get paid so much money for pretending and playing games. And then they think that they know everything and everyone should listen to them when they speak. Does the name Barbra Steisand ring a bell?

    Love your rants!!

  8. Now that was a clever ruse. You got us grinning along with your book reports and then, rolling out the big guns, you poke not-so- gentle fun at the state of Middle Eastern extremism. Only you could pull that off, Kari! ROFL!!

    Oh, and the good thing about your being a bad blogger this year is that the year is young and you have plenty of time to mend your ways. Just keep watching the news...more fodder every day.

    Hope that you're feeling better. I've got the cold/flu thing and then, wouldn't you know it, I fell like a stone in the driveway last night while snowblowing. I heard something crack...I'm hoping that it was just the ice, but my ribs are some sore.

  9. "Bones" is one of my favorite shows.I do see what you mean about some of the story lines though.And could she be more socially dense sometimes!..Anywhiz..
    I mean really!
    The easiest writing I do is "Pissing and moaning",and I enjoy that in others as well. :)

  10. Love the baby on the side of the blog. I know you can't wait.Im excited watching with you guys.
    As for the TV shows and books im just and old fashion girl.Maybe im stuck in the mud kinda girl.

  11. THe trash can...tie a big ribbon on it and sit it just outside the garage door...someone will come along and steal it thinking you intend it to be a gift...what does that say about our country? Oh, and took the candidate test...dyed to the bone Republican...egad

  12. Yikes-a-mighty!! Read 3 books and still have time to ponder all of this stuff...you got me beat, baby!

    Now...I told you the whole color to grey thing takes a while. Buy a hat. Have a cocktail. Better yet, have a cocktail and then go out to buy a hat! Hang in there...breaking those Miss Clairol ties is so worth it ;)

  13. Hi Kari- I seem to have the same effect on people as you do lately! LOL..My husband says I'm moody...um okay so what? What was the point of announcing that I wonder? Sure didn't win any bonus points with me!!!! LOL...
    I have no idea how to throw a trashcan away?!?!?!?! Maybe someone here will come up with a solution??? LOL

  14. You may call it ranting but everything you said makes sense. I, too, had to go through the growing out. Nasty business that but I guarantee you'll think long and hard before coloring again! Every so often I think I'd like to try a new color and decide I just can't do the grow out! Take care! Stephanie

  15. Hilarious questions. I've go no answers, not a one. But I'm laughing, so thanks. Good luck with the hair condundrum (although I must not that I LOVE red hair).
    I've often wondered about suicide bombers in Beamers. Wonders never cease to amaze.

  16. I love your rants!! No one ever tells you off like they do me! I think it must be because you are always right!!! And you say it with style and intelligence AND humorously!

    We tried to get rid of a trash can and finally gave up and took it to the recycle place. Even when we put a note on it for the truck...still did not work!

    You are the best!



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