Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Road Trip That Wasn't

I'm not sure how or why it happened, but the much anticipated visit to the Canton First Monday Trade Days (aka Big Honkin' Flea Market in Canton) fell thru. We were halfway there when things just sort of ...well, went to hell. I won't go into details because that would just ruin my whole reputation as a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky flibber-da-jibbit and there's no point in doing that, now is there? Besides, the details are simply not blog worthy.
I'm sure I'll be back to posting my usual nonsense in no time at all so don't forget me if I'm off line for a day or two, okay? Can't explain what my major malfunction is, but I'm hoping ya'll won't write me off as the moody, crazy wench I am! I'm going to see what I can do to get my mojo back (you gotta love that word "mojo" huh?). Hope to "talk" to ya'll soon!


  1. Yep-must be in the air Kari. I've lost my mojo too (or is it the thought of going back to work tomorrow, and no more blogging throughout the day...)See you when it's back and we're our usual happy-go-lucky-whizzes-in-the-kitchen selves! if I could forget my partner in crime..

  2. Hi Kari-I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out for your trip to the Big Honkin Flea Market :o( *sigh* There's always next time though right?!?!? Hope your back to your old self in no time cuase we sure will miss your witty postings!!!!!

  3. Oh Geez...I hope askin' for the corn dog wasn't too much!! ;) Hurry back, girlie...I'll be waitin' for ya!


  4. Not to make you feel bad or anything, but went flea marketing today, and if you would just see yourself to be here, girl the junk you'll cart home!!! Hope you are feeling in fine fettle soon...don't brood...just kick something, that always works for me
    Aunt Sandi

  5. Aw, doesn't sound good Kari. Please know you've got my prayers for things to be back to normal soon.

  6. sorry to hear the news, just know that you are not alone and we all have days like that! Hope things are better!

  7. As if you have to be in a sparkly mojo mood to blog. Just be in whatever mood you're in and know that we love ya whether you "entertain" us or just share with us about your day. EVERYTHING about who you are is welcome here. We have all had low mojo days too.
    Sounds like a godzilla movie line: LO MO JO!!! lips move ten seconds later.

  8. Don't be gone too long. Hope everything is okay. Take care. Joan

  9. We all get in our funks! We're entitled! Sleep on it and things will be better in the mornin!

  10. Hope things are better very soon, Kari!


  11. SO sorry dear !I feel resposible-in-a-If- I- hadn't- suggested- -that- place- your- trouble- could- have- happened- some- place- else - and-not- ruined- Canton-for-you-sort- of- way-- I feel for you-- when my 2 oldest were your sons ages they got in their first ever real fight and we were 3/4 of the way to Ohio for my Family Reunion I wish we would have just gone back home cause it got worse:< but they are good friends now I hope whatever your trouble is gets better be it health ,cars, fights, moods, money, we all have been there so we are Comisserbloging w/ you

  12. Ewww we are having the same kind of day, huh?!

  13. Okay now..I just can not allow your mojo to flee. Can't, won't allow it.
    I will look for it...I am on the case. I have a magnifying glass, a map, a really boss hat and a Nancy Drew book. That mojo will be back before you know it, or sooner.
    I will be thinking about you dear Kari. If you need a shoulder, email me. I am at
    I know what it is like to have things go awry...awry...isn't that a sweet word for *all to crap in a hand basket*?

    In other words, we will miss you and think about you and keep you in our prayers 'cause a day without our Kari blogging really IS like a day without sunshine.

    Love ya,

  14. Oh girl...I've been there and done that. Not sure exactly what has happened, but we've all been "there" I'm sure.

    I've looked back in my archives and pulled up this one 'cause no matter what's going on, this might help. Hope so.

    Hang in there and know there's love out here for ya!

    Extra hugs just for you!

  15. I am sorry your trip didn't work out. You need to go check out my blog for some news we have.

  16. Kari, tell Sophie that wizzes in the kitchen are not allowed! We have indoor outhouses in America to go to!

    (Did I just say that out loud?)

    Sorry to hear about your major malfunction~ please forgive if I worry~ I'm a mom, we bring "worry" to a high art form....!

  17. Oh Kari!
    I lost my mojo this weekend and hope to regain it today.
    Sorry you didn't make it to the flea market and hope all is well soon!
    How could any of us write you off for something we all go through?!?!
    Hang in there.

    ((HUGS)) & Blessings
    Sandy :)

  18. Dear Kari, I hope it all gets better soon. Thhinking about you. Hope your're back to yourself soon. Stephanie

  19. Hi there, I'm Tonja, a friend of
    justabeachkat. She praised your blog highly, and here I am to check it out. And, much to my dismay, you've lost your mojo. Ya gotta watch that's a slippery thing...likes to go off and have fun week ends and such. But, it always comes back...and sometimes even a little more energized and ready to have extra fun. Just sit tight...and leave a light burning. Mojo doesn't like dark places. Will check back with you.


  20. Hey~

    Thanks for being real! I know you are not alone. Some just choose not to be so open about it! I, for one appreciate an authentic friend! I hope you feel better soon! And... don't feel like you can only write "happy" things!
    We all feel the same way at one time or another!

    You are loved by your siestas!!!
    Angie xoxo

  21. You'll be missed! Have a good couple of days break.


  22. Ohhh - one day I am going to go to Canton too! This weekend I went to Gruene (pronounced Green) and Boerne (pronounced Bernie) and lets just say that if I had a million dollars to spend... I probably could have! ha hah

  23. And here I was thinking you WERE a moody, crazy wench!!! Now you've ruined it for me!!
    Jk...hope today was a good day!!!! And so sorry the road trip got sidelined!

  24. That's ok. I am sure you will find a different thing to keep your enthusiasm going, you always do!!
    I admire that on you for sure

  25. Hi Kari,you know I'm sure that Shakespeare and Jane Austen and Mary Shelley took a break from their writing,I just know that within a couple of days something will happen to you that will have us all in stitches or in awe of your wonderful photos.
    I always check to see what you have been up to when I'm on blogger I wouldn't miss it....don't leave it too long
    Kat xxx

  26. Kari...
    In the infamous words of Ricky Ricardo..."splainin! You don't got to do no splainin to us"!! Most likely we've been there...done that...or we're heading in that direction...if you get my drift.

    I'm thinking of you...worrying some (b/c you know that's what we women folk do) but mostly just missing you! No matter if it's wit, want, worry, or without mojo...we like having you come back soon!

    Oh!! And it was probably WAY to hot to go to Canton this weekend don't feel bad....besides it happens every month...kind of like a womans cycle...oh MY...I can't believe I just typed that...and more so that I didn't erase it!!


  27. Bummer!

    aka Queen of Moody

  28. just looking in to see how you are,
    Kat xx

  29. TOday is the day! Well actually tomorrow is the day, but the day the package gets there is TODAY!!!!! I'm excited! Hurry up and get back to work in here, there's a mob forming and I suspect they have pitchforks...
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi


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