Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fall Decorating

The above picture is of a mirror on the right as you enter our home. I love the color of the autumn leaves around it. In fact, I just love Autumn colors. Something about them speaks to me.
This is our dining room table. Note to self: next house we buy will have a decent size dining room. I didn't think it would matter to me, not having one, but as it turns out it, it does! A lot!
These are ceramic leaves hanging from ribbon. You gotta love the falling leaves. Get it? Falling leaves? Fall? As in, Autumn? Okay, it was a stretch. So sue me why don't you?
The living room is already done in fall colors (I had no idea that the fall colors had long ago taken over my decorating, but this is proof!). I did add a couple more things just so I could say, "yeah, I decorated for fall, sure I did".
I don't know why I've included this picture. I guess because I just love this old typewriter. It's one of three that I own and don't tell the other two, but I think this one is my favorite. It's Maddy Moose's (my granddaughter) favorite, too. She's played with it ever since she could reach it (which may be why the keys are jammed up so thoroughly!).


  1. And I love the sewing machine table it sits upon. I have an old singer that would look almost as great as the old typewriter...almost, I said...

  2. I love your autumn decorations. Mine are calling to me from the attic, but I am resisting, because I know it will be an all-day task. I love the colors of fall, and the only season in which I decorate more profusely is Christmas...complete with several trees, lots of greenery, lights, figurines, nativity sets, etc. That's a two day job. I hope your hiatus is a refreshing one. I also hope you know you are missed. I tagged you on my post today (I'm a Word Hunter). Don't feel pressured. Join in if you have the energy and the urge and do anywhere from one to eight responses. Finally, I'm sending a hug your way!


  3. P.S.
    Makes me want at least one beautiful, old typewriter to use in my decor!


  4. Kari...
    Glad to see you were greatly missed...and you know Menopause can just about cause you to pull your hair out...from the's just so overwhelming at times...I've been having such a time w/hot flashes, fatique, no mo-jo either, plus a bit of depression to top it all off...don't know why that's going on...but I've been reading and it is normal...well...if you can call "hell" normal...anyway..I purchased some natural hormone cream yesterday at Whole's called...drum roll...this is a goon one..."natural woman"...yea...makes me want to break out into that ole Carly Simon was Carly Simon...right??? See another clue I'm going through the "change"...(ummm I have you know I don't go through's the big bills I like or the cash change for me)...ok...totally off track here...but I did want you to know about that...I'm hestitant to take any meds b/c of well..I just am...but I'll keep you posted on this natural woman far no difference...but I think it will take more than 2

    I did want to your living room, the colors and the homey feeling it evokes...and I DO love your old typewriter and the sewing table it sits on...I don't know what your other typewriters look like...but I can say I think this is my fav...It reminds me of one my dad brought home one time from a client...we played for hours on that thing...I love pushing buttons...all maybe that's daughter used to love her grandparents old, old adding machine...she would go through a roll of receipt tape in less than a funny. You spend all this time and money on toys...and they like something you already have.

    Hope and pray you start getting your mo-jo back...but I have learned you need not beat yourself up over is a season that will pass...just take time to reflect, relax and refresh...


  5. Nice house - nice decorations - nice everything. You have a gift.

  6. Your house looks so lovely!! I love your sewing machine table and ther typewriter and the Halloween decorations...I could go on and on...

  7. I think your home is absolutely lovely dear heart! I just adore these colors so much. And that table and typewriter are wows with capital Ws!!! I am seriously envying you here! Can you see me drooling and turning the loveliest shade of forest green imaginable?
    Your Fall decor looks wonderful...I just started. Now I feel the overwhelming need to really begin in earnest. Or in, in Earnest. Borgnine not withstanding.
    Or sitting...what the heck does any of this mean? I am so totaly rambling now because I am giddy you are back!

    Giddy I tell you!


  8. Love all the decorations! I've spent the day today looking for decorations for a luncheon I'm giving in a few weeks. I love Fall.


  9. Happy Birthday Kari!!!!! Wish I could pop out of a birthday cake and suprise you (terrify you, more likely)!!Hope you have a fab day-with a store-bought (not home-made!!!) birthday cake lol!!!! Have fun!xx p.s your aunt let your secret out!!

  10. Golly, I missed your posted. Don't do that again... ;)

    I love your decorations!!! I skipped fall and went right into Halloween decorating this past weekend. I think everyone I know thinks I'm nuts, but I couldn't help it anymore.

  11. hi dear glad you are back What is Mijo anyway?


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