Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Saw this awesome little chandelier at Pamela's on the square. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Trust me when I say it's sparkle was worth looking at. Don't know if it was worth the $95 price tag (it's pretty darn small, after all), but it was still something nice to stare at for a minute or two. This next picture really needs no explanation. I'm a seagull. I love sparkly things. We've already covered this on numerous occasions. 'Nuff said.
Check out these necklaces, though. Don't I wish I didn't have a neckline more suited to the Jabba the Hutt Line of Jewelry....these are sooooo pretty, pretty, aren't they?

Oh and here's my party dress. Well, it would be, if I lost about 50 or 100 pounds. And had someplace fancy to wear it to.
And this last pictures is...interesting. It's a chastity belt. Bet you can't find one of these at Dillards or Macy's!


  1. You are too funny Little I am bent over my keyboard laughing my ass off and trying to read this stuff to Uncle Wally and can't read and laugh out loud at the same time...Jabba the Hut indeed!

  2. I can see that dress at a Christmas party...has a "garland" kind of look about it...teehee!

    As for the "ahem"...chastity belt...OMG...that is the first one I've ever seen...and just sitting out on a table like that...OH ME! I just cannot imagine!!!

  3. LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO....My Hubby just came in here and I showed him the chastity belt and asked him what he thought it was...he said...looks like a guitar strap to me...................................................

  4. Okay, that last pic is so funny. Wouldn't know what it was unless you told us. Too funny!

  5. Love the chandalier!

    I've never, ever seen a chastity belt before. Amazing!


  6. Whoa!!! Chasity belt?? Never saw one!


  7. "Don't I wish I didn't have a neckline more suited to the Jabba the Hutt Line of Jewelry...."

    OMG. I. Can't. Breathe. Must. Stop. the. Giggling. I don't think I've ever read something so funny!

    It's so funny, I had to call my mama and tell her about it. So, you're getting simultaneous laughs in two places in Oklahoma this morning.

    I am so sorry I missed your REAL birthday. I guess the false alarm threw do I get credit for pre-birthday wishes?

    Love ya, gal!



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