Thursday, September 13, 2007

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After enjoying my artery cementing repast, I proceeded to do a bit of window shopping until the magic 10:00 hour. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Pheasant feathers. Please note Sue, these feathers were kept behind glass. That would seem to indicate that these people know that feathers fly and therefore, have opted to keep them contained behind this window. I mean, hellllooooo, most people already know you can't put feathers in a basket on a front door and expect them to stay. But see there? Even on a happy-g0-lucky shopping trip, I'm still thinking of my blogging friends. What can I say? I'm just that kind of person.Finally, the doors opened. I strolled through one place and came upon an interesting spice section. Thought ya'll might be interested in what additional seasonings you could be missing out on by not shopping in Granbury.
Then I found a slightly more sedate atmosphere. The quilt shop. Oh. My. Gosh. I wish I could have gotten a running start and thrown my body across the racks. However, knowing I could never have gotten up enough speed, not to mention loft, I contained myself. Barely.
But look at all these quilts!!!! Can you say "Fan-tab-ulous, comfortable, down-home, feels just like Grandma's bed" beautiful?


  1. I know, I know, my third comment, but I'm a comment hog as you know. I love the quilts, I want the quilts...I see the spices and uncle wally once grew a pepper so hot that it earned me 20 bucks...that's for a later blog...

  2. Where is Granbury? What state I mean...looks like a lovely place.

    Jeepers...but a word like hell on a pepper box and look at the price...I enlarged it ;) outrageous!!

    I love quilts...I'm not a quilter...but I love, love, love 'em!!

  3. Okay.. I have to come out there! Everytime you post from this place I go nuts!

  4. Hmm...feathers behind glass...what a concept! BUt I wanted them on my door, out side, in the elements! It woulda looked so purdy...


  5. Wow....look at those quilts!!!


  6. Ohhhhhh!!! Those quilts! It looks like quilt heaven!!

    I need to take pics of my quilts that my grandparents made me (and my kids)...meaning my grandma AND grandpa. He so loved to make quilts with her. I'm sure they would've LOVED that store. ;)


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