Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Again, I want to thank all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday (and last week, come to think of it!). You guys are wonderful! And since my Uncle Wally led my Aunt Sandi to erroneously report my birthday as being last week, leading to early birthday wishes from ya'll, this has actually felt more like a birthday season, instead of just a day. It feels like I've been celebrating this whole time (except without the cake, the candles, balloons, etc., etc., etc.)! lol (Oh and sorry, Uncle Wally, but you don't have a blog. Aunt Sandi does...we both feel it's better to throw you to the wolves than her. I kid, I kid!).
Yesterday morning, Randey had an appointment in Granbury. Yes, THE Granbury. Well, naturally, I felt that I should accompany him. And not wanting to interfere with the aforementioned meeting, I had him drop me off at the courthouse square. See this view from the sidewalk? Makes my heart pound, just thinking of it again. So much to do, so much to see... Well. As it turns out, I might have been a little over-eager to arrive. Randey dropped me off at about 9:30 a.m., but the stores didn't open until 10:00. Huh. How to kill half an hour? Never one to dither for long, I took the most logical course of action open to me. I ate breakfast.
This breakfast, from the Nutshell Eatery and Bakery, was made the old fashioned way. That is to say, bacon grease was prominently featured as a flavoring. The hash browns, the tomato omelet...cooked using bacon grease. And it was fabulous. I could barely focus over the noise of my arteries hardening, but ummmm, ummmmm, good. And oooooh, ooooooh, expensive! $9.26 for breakfast? Geez. Good thing I don't mind raisin bran most mornings...I couldn't afford this stuff everyday. But still, despite the fact that any progress I've made over the 2 months I've been taking Crestor for my cholesterol levels was probably wiped out by that one meal, it was worth it. Good eating...


  1. I just had breakfast and I want breakfast after that!

  2. Hey everyone in my family celebrates their birthday month...not day...too short...we need a whole month!!

    I loved the picture of downtown Grandbury...the first thing that caught my eye was the sign...Gifts & kind of place...spent too much time yesterday in a place such as this....

    Boy howdy, I love me some bacon grease...I need to open a restaurant myself...they don't know what good eatin' is up here!! Believe me I know...I ate at two different places...bland city...would have fit right in at a hospital...gack!!


  3. Happy Belated Birthday - not sure how I missed it, but Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a fantastic day. Hope your year is just as good as the big day itself.

  4. Oh.My.Word! That looks sooooo yummy! Where's the bacon though? I know they cooked some, just so they could use the grease to cook everything else. LOL


  5. A little bacon grease now and then is "a good thing"!



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