Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Eventually, it was time to eat again. Woo-hoo! By now, Randey had met up with me so we decided to try Babe's, which is located just off the square. With a name like Babe's, we both thought "BBQ". I don't know why, but we did. Go figure. Anywho, if we'd been paying attention, we'd have noticed that the sign said "Babe's: Chicken Dinner House. Chicken, not BBQ was the specialty of the house. They also didn't have written menus. You had your choice of chicken cooked several different ways or chicken fried steak, or pot roast. Don't know what roast has to do with chicken, but okay. In addition to your main course, the meal came with all you could eat green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn and biscuits. Randey's roasted chicken was awesome! My chicken tenders were pretty good, too. But for the 2 of us to eat cost $25.00. That seemed awfully high for lunch. Once we'd fed ourselves to burstin', we pressed on with the shopping duties. I came across this little guy:

I actually think I like him better in this picture than I did in person! And then I saw this wreath. I believe it's made from a life ring from a boat. I think it's pretty, but odds are good, it's not the style I'll be decorating in.
Then we came across this fuzzy, feathery tree. Again, not my style, but pretty nevertheless.
Another bunch of ornaments...I'm sorry, guys, but I just can't get enough of the sparkly ornaments.


  1. Girly you're not a seagull, you're a Bone Crusher Crow...or at least that's what Uncle Wallace said...I figure Uncle Wallace the formal style rather than Uncle Wally who is over there in the corner laughing fit to bust a gut while he is telling me this story about your mother and a mirror and a certain Bone Crusher Crow...try getting her to explain that one if you can. It all started out when I said you thought you were a seagull and I said, she's a crow...liking all those sparklies...and that story came tumbling out lol

  2. Now...I need that tree!!! Love it...I'm gonna have at least two trees this year and if I could find one like that you had better believe it...Can you find out where I can get one??

  3. Seeing everything has me thinking about Christmas!


  4. Nifty photos of nifty stuff!



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