Friday, August 10, 2007

Pictures for the Montana Relatives

I'm posting these pictures for Randey's brother, Andrew (You punk! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!). Andrew is up in Montana, attending a family reunion. Hey, and listen, all you Montana relatives, I told Randey he should go. I swear I did. It's not my fault the summer is his busy season! (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!). Anywho, Randey tells me that Andrew wanted us to post pictures of our house because "none of them have seen it" (except for Andy, Kathy, Kelly, Jeffrey, Arianna, Sherri, Ken, Donna and Wally, that is). Also, Randey's brother Bobby (Randey is 1 of 10 kids - WHEW!), is thinking about buying a shed, apparently, so I'm supposed to post a picture of our shed for his perusal. All these pictures were taken back in November, I believe - hence that beautiful white stuff on the ground.
Here's the front of the house and that's Jacob preparing his snowball. That red thing on the far right is the blow up Santa Sherri got me one year for my birthday. We didn't have him plugged in...looks kind of pitiful, huh?

Here's Jacob and Kaleb. This was shortly before they lured me back out and ambushed me with snowballs on the side of the house. I know this was taken before because I can assure you, they didn't look nearly as clean and dry after the ambush.
Here's Jacob coming out of the shed. Woo-hoo. Exciting stuff, huh?
And here's Kaleb...kind of looks like he just threw a snowball at his precious mother, doesn't it? I'm sure that's just the camera angle or something. Although that "duh" look on my face is fairly normal, I'm afraid. By the way Bobby, I was supposed to tell you we got the shed at Lowe's. I'm so thrilled to be able to bring this earth-shaking news to you.

Okay, so I hope all you in-laws are having a wonderful time at the reunion! I really wish Randey had gone. I know many of you think I keep him tied up in the basement, but it's simply not true. Don't believe a word Andrew tells you! lol

P.S. If you click on the word house, next to the word label, underneath this post, it will bring up other posts I've made specifically about the house itself. There's a picture of the whole house taken at night with the Christmas lights on. Click here to go there directly.


  1. Montanna sounds heavenly about now...we were in Alaska this time last year...I loved it there...not only was the weather stayed light until after there were lots of things to do...and many hours to do them!


  2. pretty house and even prettier white stuff thatis so foreign here in TX thanks for stoppin by If you sleep in the freezer do you have to leave the door open for air or do you have special breathing apparatus?

  3. Kari, your house photos are making me envious! Look at all that space you have!! Your house looks lovely! Why can't we live in the States?

  4. Kari..
    Just catching up...seems like I've been away 4-ever!! Had to deal with some difficult stuff when we returned,(you can read about it) but hope to be back on the blog train this week. Thanks for checkin' in on soon...


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