Sunday, August 12, 2007

If I pretend it's winter, will it feel any colder?

These are a close-up of my snowflake earrings that Randey bought me last year. I came across them the other day and thought "Gee whiz, can't wait to wear those again. Hope it gets colder soon". Then I cracked my shin because I tripped over the footstool laughing so hard. Cold? Here? In Texas? That's just crazy talk! I felt like such a silly goose. A hot, sweaty, silly goose. A hot, sweaty, somewhat less than perky, silly silly goose. Yeaaaaahhhhh. Okay, sorry. Got lost in the moment. I'm back now. Once I dried the sweat from my brow and the tears from my eyes, I took charge of the situation. I wore my little snowflake earrings. I blew a big raspberry to this miserable heat and waggled my tongue at the triple digits and slapped those sparkly little flakes into my lobes and pranced around all day like they were the smartest fashion accessory going. And I'm gonna do it again tomorrow, too. So there. And if, from this point forward, I'm known as that lunatic woman who doesn't know winter from summer, so what? Big deal. Arrest me. Just make sure you lock me up in an air conditioned room. Wouldn't want my earrings to melt, you know.

P.S. Only 2 days left to vote in the "Favorite Season" pole (located on the leftside of this blog).


  1. Call me lunatic woman too...I love the earrings and I'd wear them whenever and whereever I want.

    They're your earrings and your ears. Enjoy!


  2. can i borrow them tomorrow i listened to Christmas mausic all morning so no argument here

  3. Oh goodness, you crack me up!!! ;)

    That's funny because today I was looking at my dresser which is the catch all place for my holiday items that didn't make the storage boxes. So we have a little Halloween on there, a little Thanksgiving and a little Christmas. I would like to display it all out in the house, rather than my poor little dresser. lol

  4. I have a pair of Christmas tree earrings to go in your gift box! Glad I remembered...I just hope I'll be able to get it to the Post Office, it's getting mighty heavy
    Aunt Sandi

  5. Ugh, I feel your pain. It's not much better in Arkansas. I'm just holding on with my fingernails until October, blessed October. Then our 80 degree highs will feel COLD!

  6. I'm with you, much rather have winter than summer, except I hate the ice. Thankfully work is real close to where I live so I don't have any commute. We've been pretty hot this summer in the Northeast so I'll be glad when it's past. Pretty earrings by the way! : )


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